About Us

FX.CO has been changing the landscape of global foreign exchange markets through the years. Considered one of the best forex trading sites, we aim to equip traders with the latest (possible) quotes and rates.

The site offers the following services:

Currency Calculator

Easy-to-use computing tool designed to convert different currencies using the latest possible rates for reference.

Currency Graphs

Graph showing various charts of major currency pairs in different time periods

Rates Table

Table displaying the value of a current per US dollar, and vice versa

Monthly Average

Visual representation of historical rate of several currencies per US dollar

Converter Widget

Software currency calculator widget that can be installed and used in another web page by user

Financial services and quotes are provided by InstaForex Group, a group of financial and investment companies that provide online trading services. An ECN broker, it caters to over 2 million individual and corporate clients across the globe. Several award-giving bodies have recognized the company, making it one of the leading international brokerages. Last year, InstaForex was named the Best ECN Broker in Asia by International FInance Magazine and the Best Forex ECN Broker by UK Forex Awards.