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5 cheaper travel destinations in 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed the lifestyle of people. Moreover, it has delivered a severe blow to almost all economic sectors. Nevertheless, in some cases, people can still benefit from the current situation. The majority of analysts suggest that the cost of travel will significantly decrease next year. The approximate drop in prices for hotel services is estimated at 17%. In addition, travelers will be able to go on a trip to some extremely attractive destinations at a relatively low cost.

Phuket, Thailand

Thailand’s Phuket tops the ranking of the cheapest travel destinations in 2021. The cost of hotel services in the city has already declined significantly. So far, however, the resorts of Asia have been off-limits to international travellers. The average cost of living in Phuket's resorts is now $29.38. It is expected to be even lower by the next holiday season. Phuket is not only the largest island in Thailand but also the most popular tourist attraction. The island is well-known for a large number of wide beaches and excellent tourist infrastructure. Nowadays, Phuket is definitely one of the best beach holiday options in Thailand for families with children.

Delhi, India

The second cheaper destination in 2021 is the capital of India - Delhi. Anyone who wants to understand India better should visit its capital. The city reflects the history of the entire country, including its cultural, social, scientific, and technical development. Delhi attracts tourists from all over the world with its individuality and uniqueness. Everyone who comes to the city can literally experience two completely opposite feelings: delight and disappointment. Next year, Delhi will become even closer as the average cost of living here is expected to be below $34.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Bali, Indonesia

Both Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur and Indonesian Bali take third place on the list. The cost of living at these two popular and inexpensive resorts is approximately the same. Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia. It is a modern, bustling, and lush green city. It is usually regarded as an intermediate point on a journey. Bali is a paradise for people of a very specific nature. Tourists point out that it lacks civilization, taxis at every corner, and sun loungers on the beaches. Nevertheless, Bali is an island that has its individual character. Therefore, you either fall in love with it once and forever or you do not. The cost of living in these two exotic and peculiar corners of the planet are expected to drop below $36.43, providing an amazing opportunity to go on an unforgettable trip.

Bangkok, Thailand

Another Asian city is the fourth in the ranking of lower-cost travel destinations. It is the capital of Thailand - Bangkok. The most demanding travelers come to the city. There they can find absolutely anything a tourist can wish for: temples, amusement parks, skyscrapers, markets, etc. Previously, Bangkok was only a haven for fishermen. Nowadays, however, it is a popular resort among tourists. Next year, the cost of living in Bangkok will be more affordable as it is likely to sink to $43.48 and even lower.

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Russia’s Saint Petersburg closes the list of the top five cheaper tourist destinations in 2021. The city is considered the northern capital of the country. It attracts crowds of international travellers on a yearly basis. Saint Petersburg is a city of museums and unique architecture. Its historic center is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Most likely, the flow of tourists to Saint Petersburg will increase next year, since the cost of living is expected to fall below $43.50.

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