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Honey Bee's - Trading journal

Hi friends hope everyone will be fine and makes a good profit from moving market in this week it will have a very high violation because index rate will first break the high price and then fall to previous level of 89.85 and today candle will clear the bullish analysis in 90.90, currently floating area is near to the 90.40 if continue rises then major pairs will cover up the support euro and Pound will break the lowest level in this weekend another week is about to end without doing real trading just have patience with our pending payments hope this week it will be paid and all problems will be clear before the mid of this month.


Euro will be give both directions moves and currently stability near the price action of 1.2150 according to the weekly candle analysis the long term trend is bearish which will give information with the moving average signal to test the support at 1.2100, when reached this level and MACD OR RSI both will continue cross over the red signal for support then our next target is clear the opinion for 1.2050 we can keep eye on the news impact of euro and us index from news chart the take a long term risk in moving market.
Trading idea from the professional point of view is clear to recommended area at 1.2000 in this weekend but price will start falling from the 1.2230 100 pips already cover in support direction in this week, if price will take a next support then our take profit target is 1.2080 and in case of reverse resistance convergence then stop loss is 1.2175 uper the 10 pips of daily candle if break out the continue resistance of 1.2200 then we can go with bullish moves at nearest channel 1.2280 first doing scalping and see the new impact the implement the high Risky lot trades in euro market more chances it will fall with the increase rate of index in open market.
Honey Bee's - Trading journal


GOLD crossing the high 1863 this according to the trend it will varies in support of 1800 in this month currently stability of area covering at 1843 and also daily candle will be moving down direction which will give confirmation for next direction 1820, when price will reached this area then makes setup for the next low 1790 we all know metal market always follow the trend we can have opportunities to sell from current price monthly candle or indicators will side the signal in this weekend 1810 also professional experts data will based on economic situation which will depend on the virus diseases control or vaccination imposed on the European countries to tecalout the current situation of open market it will directly attacks the economy because of lock down lets see what will happen in future to coverup the critical situation of market happy trading friends.

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Honey Bee's - Trading journal

*The market analysis posted here is meant to increase your awareness, but not to give instructions to make a trade
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