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RightMan1'S_ Trading Journal

Greetings and good morning, how are you all forum partners? Hopefully all of you are doing well and living a healthy life and have a good day again for all forum members. Happy Trading Activities again for all members this Thursday. I wish all forum members yesterday received a good Profit measure of ongoing trades and I thank all their forum members who visited my trading journal, for all analysis and feedback, my additional reference for trading. Useful. I hope that all of you have benefited from my analysis and found a lot more. I congratulate my fellow USD buyers Because, in the end the USD actually posted a bullish trend and entered the bull zone and all the buyers got more profit. All traders whose open sell trades fail and suffer excessive losses, and these losses are not good for any trader. The USD index was successfully corrected yesterday. In the short term, the USD is more bullish. I hope you will generate income through my analysis.
My previous analysis:

Last Wednesday I analyzed that GBP USD will fall again, as seen the day before the D1 time frame shows that the price has dropped 100 pips and created a bearish trend that was really happy yesterday, with a total range of 100 pips. It made a public sale that I paid for and was able to recover the margins that were damaged by yesterday's stop loss. I first used the D1 timeframe to perform the analysis, looking at two consecutive bearish candles with 100 pips per 100 in the visual image of the price chart. The daily trend in GBP may decline again near the support area which is located at the price level of 1.3790.
Eurusd analysis and forcaste:

In the H₄ time frame on the left side of the chart you can see that the price has reacted around the price resistance area in the past, where the price running this morning in the Asian session was a price level that was previously strong price support because it has fallen and retreating several times. As the price moved from below, this level is now known as a higher resistance level or more generally resistance. Therefore, armed with data on past price movements, the Euro will have the opportunity to lower it today, this is also supported by the formation of a pin bar which we can see from the H₄ timeframe. The pair shows the answer to the key indicators trade above the daily open level 1.1875 and the daily pivot level 1.1849 and the price remains above MA72, where volume is usually reduced. Break of the 1.1900 level will take the pair to 1.1905 and 1.1935 levels. If the pair does not rise above the 1.1900 level, I expect it to decline to the 1.1849 and 1.1815 levels.
RightMan1'S_ Trading Journal
Gbpusd analysis for Today:

The pound sterling price movement against the USD index currency is still very weak with the price returns to the price of 90.99 from the supply zone, bringing the price close to 70 pips, the price managed to cover the previous daily open candlestick price movement and the current Asian session, have been able to enter the nearest support area, namely 1.3311 which can be a confirmation to hold prices again after that we can ensure that the GBP-USD price movement is likely to fall further, at least to 1.3700 ounces (51.79 g). And this indicates that the correction from 1.4240 is still in progress. Pregnancy bias will return from 1.3675 to 1.3240 with the 38.2% replacement at 1.4240. Conversely, a rebound above 1.3917 will extend the resistance from 1.3669 to 1.4000. A break of the decision there will confirm the end of the correction from 1.4240 and test it higher.

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RightMan1'S_ Trading Journal
Usdjpy analysis and forcaste for Today:

USD / JPY holds on to the 110.99 consolidation and the previous pregnancy bias was neutral. 108.40 The overall outlook will remain bullish as long as the support remains intact. Conversely, a break of 110.95 will extend the overall advance from 102.58, further extending the resistance zone to 111.71 / 112.22. However, a resolute break of 108.40, suggests that the 55 EMA (currently at 107.61) and the possibility of a deeper correction below it is underway. 112.22 This bullish case must be confirmed on the break of the strong resistance. The mid-term upward trend in wards can then be started for a 100% projection from 100.18 to 111.711 to 100.58 to 113.11 to 111.11 and then 111.81 percent to a 111.8% projection. Rejected by 111.71. However,, would keep the medium term view neutral initially. :o
RightMan1'S_ Trading Journal

*The market analysis posted here is meant to increase your awareness, but not to give instructions to make a trade
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