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Honey Bee's - Trading journal

Greetings and Good Morning
Yesterday bonus will be distributed for week 13 and only a few members will get in their trading account we are just waiting for the update from the administration then follow the new rules applied on the forum and provide our best performance for quality content to get the bonus amount. Every new rule needs some time to follow and understand we can make setup for our daily timing to give this forum and more audience and viewers will help to give us a big amount of bonus every week. Currently, I am focused on the major pairs to trade it will be making a new trend this month and hit the previous resistance levels in the moving market.
the USD list keeps moving a bearish way and hit the new level at 92.20, the list-making a solid bullish specialized pattern and numerous odds the hourly time period was handily moved toward a next upper high yet this week when beginning the record relentless down move, presently the cost is now running a solid red reach it is vital to point if this end of the week candle break beneath that scope of 91.80 and close underneath then one week from now more declination is conceivable about this resource, assuming not crush and converse spirit potential gain, stop the selling for this resource in light of the fact that the bullish pattern was at that point affirmed assuming value covering the oversold zone, it will make some remedy in the bullish scope of 92.90 keep follow the news day by day information delivered will give us new value activity in the list market.
Honey Bee's - Trading journal
EURUSD right now moves in the solid obstruction heading at 1.1900 in the event that we can see the list rate it will be falling after the joblessness information delivered a week ago right now it won't ever improve the economy or the triumphs of the Corona pendamic inoculation, they will set up the immunization crusade in the third wave. The market will keep on processing such news until additional notification, rather than just making retracement, not a pattern as it purchases this week. the pattern line support that dismissed the cost of the market higher at 1.1700, the level has demonstrated viable by the manner in which the bullish viewpoint is presently governing the everyday time span of the pair. on the off chance that today light will again climb course and makes another obstruction level for 1.1950 then, we can set the examinations during the current end of the week shutting down at 1.1990 for the drawn-out pattern heading of the market.

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Honey Bee's - Trading journal
Gold keeps climbing this week and makes another opposition for 1745 which will give the solid data with current examinations to break 1785 still it can't stay bearish in the pattern when the Corona cases expansion in agricultural nations. There is no single landmass that doesn't have a couple of limitations because of the Corona pandemic, It was a sharp bullish inversion from the low of 1670, where there is likewise a pattern line support that is firm alongside a twofold base on the everyday time span. These levels dismissed the cost of gold higher and have been offering the required help to the further purchasing of the market. we can see on various nations every day metal rates will be dropping down instantly toward the finish of this current month its rate will be close to 1800 anticipated from the news information and the lockdown circumstance in around the world.
Honey Bee's - Trading journal
Crude oil prices will be moving in the range of 57.50 to 61.30 according to the weekly chart analyses it will cover up both direction targets. Still not get any risky entry to get the pips from oil currently moving price will be covering the 58.50 and makes big bearish candles on the hourly chart which can describe the new pattern in the bearish direction at 58.00. I am ready to take a new entry for the 57.90 and have set up for the pullback take profit level at 59.90. we can have a more chance to take more pips in the up and down movement of the crude oil per barrel rate will be used by the range of buyers or sellers in the open market to take the high risk and we can see the different rates in the online session of oil market the best opportunity to take entries on the daily time chart and selected range is near to the 60.50.
Honey Bee's - Trading journal

*The market analysis posted here is meant to increase your awareness, but not to give instructions to make a trade
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