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Top 5 post-digital tech trends according to Accenture Technology

Nowadays, digital technologies allow people to achieve high efficiency of business processes. However, the team of analysts at Accenture Technology suggests that the world is approaching the post-digital era when the use of latest technologies becomes widespread. Experts warn that when this happens, it would leave many business industries uncompetitive. Therefore, in order to stay aloft, companies will have to look for new competitive advantages. Read about the five tech trends that will become an integral part of the post-digital age according to Accenture Technology

Top 5 post-digital tech trends according to Accenture Technology

DARQ technologies

In order to stay successful in the post-digital era, companies will have to acquire a wide range of innovations based on DARQ technologies. These are distributed ledgers (D), artificial intelligence (A), extended reality (R), and quantum computing (Q). If companies want to thrive in the post-digital world, they will have to master DARQ technologies, Accenture Technology says. Experts reckon that this will open up doors to innovative business solutions. On top of that, analysts believe that a convergence of new technologies will cause serious changes in the global economy. Currently, 89% of companies experiment with one or several DARQs. Some of them have already increased their investments in this innovation.

Top 5 post-digital tech trends according to Accenture Technology

Unique customers

Accenture Technology pinpoints that a shift to advanced technologies gradually becomes a part of customers’ life and identity. Thanks to innovations, companies can use digital identity to understand the interests of their target market. In the post-digital era, businesses will have to build relationships with customers based on their digital identities. People’s activities, no matter private or public, is a source of information about their choices. Companies will collect this data to build a regularly updated client base. The main goal of businesses in the future will be to establish strong relationships with customers based on their needs. To do so, they should clearly understand what technologies are required at the moment to provide people with what they want.

Top 5 post-digital tech trends according to Accenture Technology

"Human+" workforce

According to Accenture Technology, if workers possess not only skills and knowledge, but also tech-driven capabilities, they become a "human+" workforce. This requires employees to go through digital transformation so that they can see their role in the company and master new practices in order to meet the demand of the post-digital world. Experts emphasize that the transformation of workers into a "human+" workforce has expanded the capabilities of personnel. Thus, companies can rely on employees who improve their knowledge and skills so that they can integrate innovations in the structure of the company.

Top 5 post-digital tech trends according to Accenture Technology


Businesses that operate in digital ecosystems have become more vulnerable to cyber attacks these days. Part of the global economy is based on digital computer technologies. In fact, this trend is gaining momentum. Cybercrime is increasing, posing serious threats. Experts at Accenture Technology underline the importance of cooperation in the field of cybersecurity. In the future, business relationships in many fields will be based on cooperation with ecosystem partners. Today, the cyber threat pushes companies to make coordinated efforts, analysts say. In a world built on ecosystems, cybersecurity is a top priority for all sectors of the economy.

Top 5 post-digital tech trends according to Accenture Technology

Momentary markets

In the post-digital era, every single moment can bring market opportunities. Therefore, one should not not miss the chance to introduce another innovation. Direct access to clients and powerful analytical tools provide us with new personalization strategies. Thanks to a vast array of IT solutions, companies can quickly and easily adjust in order to meet market demand. With the help of the latest technologies, consumers can get personalized products and services. The concept of "momentary markets" illustrates how opportunities for businesses to create a new product or service can arise in a moment. Companies employing this strategy are the most efficient and competitive, Accenture Technology’s experts say. In the future, organizations that can survive under the conditions of constantly-changing customer needs will be able to thrive in the market.

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