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Inevitable events like market turmoils, losses, as well as risky and unsuccessful trades are able to dampen traders’ spirits. Sometimes a human brain just needs to be distracted and relaxed. In this case, humor comes to the rescue. There is an opinion that if you can laugh at your failures, you are able to accept them and move on. Humor acts as a psychological shield against stress: a person instantly forgets all misfortunes. The Forex Humor section provides the latest news on the stock market with colorful caricatures.
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Jerome Powell: US economy reaches inflection point

Fed’s Chair Jerome Powell supposes that the US economy is at an "inflection point". The Federal Reserve Chair expressed this opinion during the interview with CBS, answering questions about possible...

Janet Yellen proposes tax hikes to pay for stimulus plan

The US government decided to resort to a proven method of increasing the country’s budget, that is, a good old tax hike. Thus, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen suggested...

Schiff Gold: Russia paves way to global de-dollarization

Curiously enough, Moscow is prone to label highly-reputable Western news agencies as crooked mass media. The Financial Times or The Washington Post with their teams of recognized experts are allegedly...

IMF warns of record debt levels

International Monetary Fund Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva has recently warned regions and countries of taking loans. Despite the fact that the world economy is currently on firmer footing, global debt...

Chancellor Merkel to take control of COVID-19 fight

According to Bloomberg, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel may reduce the powers of 16 state leaders who have opted not to introduce restrictions agreed with her administration. Merkel intends to take...

Janet Yellen calls for global minimum corporate tax rate

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen surprised everyone when she called for the introduction of a global minimum corporate tax rate. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden, on the contrary, advocates...

Microsoft to acquire speech recognition firm Nuance

According to The Financial Times, US IT giant Microsoft intends to buy speech recognition company Nuance Communications. The deal is worth about $16 billion. News about the deal appeared last...

BOJ conducts experiments on issuing digital currency

Japan has entered the race of creation of a digital version of its national currency. The Bank of Japan has launched experiments to study “the feasibility of issuing...

Saxo Bank: stronger USD too toxic for global economy

The weaker US dollar ensures strength of the global economy, chief currency strategist at Saxo Bank John Hardy has reached this conclusion. Mulling over the prospects of the global economy...

Bitcoin dominance falls as altcoins surge

It seems that the season of altcoins has already started. In recent weeks, the so-called alternative digital coins have outperformed bitcoin in terms of growth. The number one cryptocurrency failed...