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EUR/USD. Preview of the week: "silence in the air" and a half-empty economic calendar

The euro-dollar pair was "flying" in a 100-point price range on Friday, reacting to contradictory data on the US labor market growth. On the one hand, the NonFarm report...
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How to trade GBP/USD on December 5, 2022. Simple trading tips and analysis for beginners

GBP/USD repeated all the movements of EUR/USD on Friday. On the one hand, this is a good thing because both major currency pairs have always traded in a very similar...
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How to trade EUR/USD on December 5. Simple trading tips and analysis for beginners

EUR/USD just showed paradoxical movements on Friday. Basically, all of the main movements were provoked by the NonFarm Payrolls report in the U.S. However, to start with, let's remember...
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The cryptocurrency sector is starting to experience widespread layoffs.

On the 4-hour TF, bitcoin has surpassed the critical levels of $18,500 and its $ 17,582 "duplicate." Thus, we now have all the technical justifications needed for the cryptocurrency...
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The fundamental background for bitcoin remains very complex.

Despite the passage of several weeks, the bitcoin cryptocurrency has established itself below the Fibonacci level of 127.2%, or $ 18,500, and has yet to attempt to rise above this...
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Britain, US, and Japan may be hit by financial crisis

The United Kingdom, Japan, and the United States may face a financial crisis and a surge in government debt in the coming three years, experts warned. Emerging markets are increasingly...

Full-blown trade war brewing up between US and EU

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA) could set the stage for a new trade war between the US and Europe. At first glance, the prudent federal law aims...

GBP/USD. Analysis for the trading week of November 28–December 2. COT report. The US dollar was weakened by nonfarm and Powell.

The GBP/USD currency pair has gained another 220 points during the current week. Powell's words could be interpreted in any way, and traders concluded that they were again...
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EUR/USD. Analysis of the trading week of November 28–December 2. COT report. How did the euro currency end the week?

The EUR/USD currency pair has been trading higher again this week, adding approximately 150 points. Given that we have been waiting for the end of the two-year global downward trend...
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Trading Signal for GBP/USD on December 02-05, 2022: buy if rebounds above 1.21 (200 EMA - NFP)

Early in the American session, the British pound (GBP/USD) is trading around 1.2149. The pair is seen to fall sharply after the US Non-Farm Payrolls data. As a result...
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