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Space stocks that deserve attention

Investment attractiveness of the space industry assets is confidently rising worldwide, especially in the US that remains the leader in this sphere. At the end of March, the US launched ARK Space Exploration & Innovation ETF, its first new exchange-traded fund. Since then, the fund has earned $500 million, however, the sky is the limit. Today, the fund's portfolio consists of shares of 40 issuers. You can learn about two of these issuers in our review. Let us take a look at the top-4 most profitable space stocks.

Space stocks that deserve attention

Equipment for space shuttles

Today, Raytheon Technologies Corporation, a company with almost 100 years of history, produces equipment for both commercial and defense spaceships. The company’s specialists are responsible for strategically important facilities such as oxygen systems and systems that allow communication on board. What is more, Raytheon thinks through the details of interior and domestic appliances, including the systems for cooking and cleaning toilets. Today, the company’s shares cost $78 per unit. According to analysts, this year, Raytheon may increase its revenue by more than 32%.

Space stocks that deserve attention

In space with Teledyne

Teledyne Technologies Incorporated was established 60 years ago. During this time, the company has proved itself as an excellent producer of aerospace and defense electronics, as well as a developer of engineering systems for both aircraft and spacecraft. In the ARK Space Exploration & Innovation portfolio, the share of the company’s stocks is 2.50%. The price of one share is hovering around $428. Experts foresee a jump in the revenue of more than 7%.

Space stocks that deserve attention

Communication technologies from Maxar

Maxar Technologies appeared in the market in 1969. It is specialized in communication equipment and radar stations, conducts satellite maintenance, and provides geolocation services. Moreover, two years ago, the company was selected as a supplier of power and propulsion elements for the Lunar Gateway space station developed by NASA. Nowadays, the company’s shares are trading at $46 apiece. Analysts predict that the company’s income may skyrocket by 100% as early as this quarter.

Space stocks that deserve attention

From games to space

The most popular company on our list was established not so long ago just in 1993. Nvidia Corporation specializes in the development of GPUs and systems on a chip (SoC). The company's products are most widely used for the creation of video games and professional visualization. However, recently, Nvidia has been involved into the automotive industry, supplying on-board computers for drones and spacecraft. The ARK Space Exploration & Innovation fund has also included stocks of this company in its portfolio. Their share totals 3.46%. The price of one stock is $608.

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