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Cada operador experimentado tiene su propio secreto para operar con éxito y obtener grandes ganancias. Es imposible comprender el mercado y las estrategias así como así. La experiencia solo se puede adquirir mediante años de formación. Todo operador debería experimentar altibajos. En la sección Trading Journal, puede encontrar todas las publicaciones populares de los diarios de los operadores en el foro.

El mejor de hoy


A few weeks ago, the market expected a heated discussion of monetary tightening during the Fed meeting. However, a rise in coronavirus cases is making some changes. The issue...
Autor: ForexRich


This trading week is going to be rather interesting. The euro/dollar pair has successfully broken through the 1. 1800 level and is now trading exactly in the middle between...
Autor: crazyprofit


Hi, everyone! The previous trading day turned out to be extremely successful for buyers of the pound/dollar pair. The price formed a false breakout of the local low with...
Autor: FxTaylor

Interlock's - Trading journal

Hello everyone. Good day. Warmest welcome to today's trading journal update. I am passing a good trading week in my demo trading account, but I am bored with my real...
Autor: Interlock

bappy4x's - Trading journal

Hello, everyone! Welcome to my trading journal again, and I am always trying my best to provide exclusive ideas for trading. For a few days, I have been concentrating...
Autor: bappy4x

Helsinki Trading Journal

Hello, to all mt5 members. How are you all? I hope you are all performing well and making good profits. Yesterday, the news about the US dollar did not affect...
Autor: Helsinki

ayan555's - Trading journal

Hello everyone! Good morning, respected forum fellows, traders, and readers from all over the world. How are you? What about your trading performance this week? Today is Wednesday...
Autor: ayan555

ForexRider's - Trading journal

News Events Schedule Hello Today in the news events calendar, I can see many news events. Many of the news events are essential. Early in the morning, the two different...
Autor: ForexRider

amiron56's - Trading journal

Market Overview: Today's market conditions are slower than in previous days. Except for the US dollar, the business of all other trading currencies of the world was so good...
Autor: amiron56

global20's trading journal

Hello, dear friends and traders. How are you, guys? I hope you guys are doing extremely well nowadays. We haven't observed a good movement of the forex market...
Autor: global20