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Cada operador experimentado tiene su propio secreto para operar con éxito y obtener grandes ganancias. Es imposible comprender el mercado y las estrategias así como así. La experiencia solo se puede adquirir mediante años de formación. Todo operador debería experimentar altibajos. En la sección Trading Journal, puede encontrar todas las publicaciones populares de los diarios de los operadores en el foro.

El mejor de hoy

Abdul Waheed Trading Journal

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my trading journal update. I hope you are doing well and using the market to break the peak. The U. S. dollar index fell to 103. 70 overnight...
Autor: Abdul Waheed

Skull&Bones666 Trading Journals

A Very Warm Welcome To All My Visitors And Investsocial Members. Hello, my dear! How are you? I hope you are doing well and enjoying the Forex platform with InstaForex...
Autor: Skull999

amiron56's - Trading journal

Second Day Market Overview: The US dollar index has not improved to any side, and traders are still waiting to get the pair in volatile mode, which will significantly influence...
Autor: amiron56

Happy-Hunter Trading Journal:

Trading Journal Update, 28-06-2022: Good morning friends, how are you enjoying today? Welcome everyone to my trading log. you are glad and in strong condition. I hope...
Autor: Happy-Hunter

Dwayne Johnson Trading Journal:

Trading Journal Update: 28 June 2022 Hi guys, how are you? How was your first day of the week? I hope you will have found the entry points. Yesterday's volatility...
Autor: Dwayne Johnson

Jackroay Trading Journal

Market Overview: Good Morning! Hello everyone, how are you doing? I'm fine, and I hope everyone else is, too. In fact, I had some issues yesterday, I couldn't update...
Autor: Jackroay

Ertugrul Trading Journal

Today's Journal Update Yesterday the bullish trade of the EURUSD of my account touched its take profit price of 1. 0609, so it closed automatically. Overall I grabbed 7$ from this...
Autor: Ertugrul

fadila's - Trading journal

MARKET OVERVIEW: The US dollar index: The US Dollar Index continues to push down as expected last week, but with slow bearish momentum. Now the dollar is stable near...
Autor: fadilah

ForexRider's - Trading journal

Hello everyone Welcome to all the users, readers, and visitors in my trading journal. It's Tuesday, the 2nd trading day of the week. In the forex calendar, I saw today's...
Autor: ForexRider

chiko's - Trading journal

Good morning dear forum member and friend how are you guys doing today, yesterday I made some sell order with the EUR-JPY pair, and also last week I made...
Autor: chiko