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The investment strategy of each trader is based on market news. However, studying news reports takes a lot of time and energy. To save your time, we have created the Subscribe to Newsletter section. Now traders can receive notification of the most important news releases scheduled in the economic calendar in the form of emails, SMS, or Telegram messages.
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  • InstaForex always keeps its existing and potential clients updated on the latest financial news and important events.
  • You can get free emails about releases scheduled in the economic calendar.
  • You can set the time for receiving notifications ahead of the publication on InstaForex website.
  • Our newsletters will certainly help you in making trading decisions.
  • Subscribe to the SMS alert service to be notified of news releases by mobile phone.
  • The SMS Notification system will keep you abreast of relevant economic events, significant announcements, current statistics, etc.
  • You will receive messages about fresh news releases to your mobile phone every day.
  • Please note, we can send you no more than 5 messages a day.
  • The SMS Premium service was designed especially for InstaForex customers who want to stay tuned to economic events.
  • When subscribing to the service, you can choose to be notified of news of high and medium significance.
  • The number of messages is not limited: you can be notified about every scheduled event.
  • Please note: you will be required to provide the number of your trading account when applying for the SMS Premium service. The cost of each SMS notification is 0.04 USD which is charged from a trading account registered with the system.
  • Enjoying a surge in popularity, the Telegram messaging service is one of the main sources of financial information nowadays. InstaForex has also launched its own channel for Telegram users. Thus, traders have already spotted the new messenger that instantly delivers analytical articles, economic and political news.
  • You also can subscribe to InstaForex channel that will make you aware of recent developments in Forex. So make sure you check regularly your mobile phone for updates.
  • The new messenger is especially helpful for those who appreciate their time. What are you waiting for? Subscribe to InstaForex channel @instaforex.

Here are directions of how to connect to InstaForex channel in Telegram

The procedure for subscribing to @instaforex is very simple and takes a few minutes of your time.

Please make sure you follow our directions:

  • run the Telegram application which you have already installed;
  • enter @instaforex in the search field;
  • click on the "join" option in the menu at the lower part of the screen.

Now you are subscribed to InstaForex channel which will provide you with daily analytical reviews and forex updates.