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Every experienced trader has his or her own secret of successful trading and getting hefty profits. It is impossible to get a grasp on the market and strategies just like that. Expertise can be gained only through years of training. Every trader should experience ups and downs. In the Trading Journal section, you can find all popular posts from traders' journals on the forum.

The best of 今天

Helsinki Trading Journal

Hello, mt5 family. How are you all? I hope everyone has had a good weekend. Next week is significant for us because we have Non-Farm Employment Change data next week......
作者: Helsinki

fadila's - Trading journal

Hello everyone. The USD recovered by 0. 25 percent yesterday, as the US dollar index went to the bullish side in the second part of the day, closing above the psychological......
作者: fadilah

bappy4x's - Trading journal

Hello, everyone! Greetings to traders. The weekend has started, but there is no weekend for cryptocurrency traders. Overall, the weekend is the best time to make plans for the next......
作者: bappy4x

Interlock's - Trading journal

Hello everyone. Good morning. Warmest welcome to today's trading journal update. We reach on another trading weekend. I am not a big fan of the trading break as I always......
作者: Interlock

SweetRose's - Trading journal

Hello everyone. Welcome to today's trading journal update. A high range of movement for EUR/USD and GBP/USD was seen last week. I opened multiple trades on both currency pairs......
作者: SweetRose

Honey Bee's - Trading journal

Hello everyone. Welcome to my trading journal update. I hope you all are doing well and making a good profit from all over the week. The weekend has started from......
作者: Honey Bee

ayan555's - Trading journal

Hello everyone! Yesterday was a good day for all traders because we saw a bullish movement in the USD index, which caused tremendous volatility in the entire market......
作者: ayan555

Heartbroken's trading journal.

Hello traders! Good morning and welcome to my trading journal I hope you all will be fine and enjoying your weekend with family and friends. Today the market is closed......
作者: Heartbroken

amiron56's - Trading journal

Good morning and greetings to friends. Bonus Received: I have received a bonus. The bonus amount is not big and very small in size, as you can see from......
作者: amiron56

zahid4x's - Trading journal

Welcome everyone to my journal on holidays. I have been busy for the last few days and have not been able to update my journal regularly. However, I always......
作者: zahid4x