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SweetRose's - Trading journal

Hi, Friends Greetings to Everyone yesterday index market will be testing the new support zone and the major key pairs will hit the top resistance zone where the buyers will take more pips from these high moves of the market. if have small investment and doing scalping then we are doing trades against the trend direction and the market will be moving to the trend, in that case, we can wait for the pull back reverse floating price again for the support area then our all trades will be closed on profit. according to the market moving analyses, it will take time to moves back because the dollar index prices will be still going down for this month we can take more trades and wait for the big pull back bearish moved in the market.
USDX floating value zone will test the new rate at 91.60 which will give data assuming have as of now sell exchanges, holding for the following help at 91.00. It is also past whether the economy is creating, it is about the retracement that was normal on this market, we can see more selling of the dollar in this week. The momentary market is right now showing bearish. The moving normal pointer is diminishing and shows a solid bearish pattern. we will see a continuation of the descending development and should be changed for the control of significant worth advancements the pair is at this point in a significant bearish example moving value testing zone will clear the examinations for the long objective at 90.85 and converse to the obstruction at 92.00.
SweetRose's - Trading journal
GBPUSD floating price in a particular reach from 1.3700 and furthermore break the new obstruction for the last shutting light at 1.3820. At present, this pair is exchanging at the 1.3770 level. we have an investigation on an everyday time span as a week ago that this pair has broken the bullish channel and now will go down. Be that as it may, after the breakout, it began moving sideways. From a week ago it will exchange beneath the channel and moving sideways. This shows that this pair is feeling the squeeze, and we need to hang tight for the reasonable sign at that point exchange appropriately. presently, this pair will pointedly go down and will contact its help close to the contacting zone 1.3730. in the event that considers facing a high challenge, go for sell position yet additionally see the cost of record it will be broken the new help in 91.50 for the today moves of the open market.

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SweetRose's - Trading journal
Crude oil floating price will be again moved to the opposite task zone and hit the new level at 63.40 presently cost fluctuating near the 62.80 and day by day flame will, in any case, be covering the bullish zone. Recently we picked a bearish close to 60.50 The oil cost additionally effectively tumbled to 59.70, and short requests made a benefit. The moving normal pattern line on the daily time span has shut truly, and the cost has gotten increasingly unpredictable. Long and short are conceivable, for the time being, the cost may in any case shape a significant level. we actually need to remain in reach. At the point when the news meetings will open once more, oil costs may contact the upline pattern for the subsequent time. The watershed above is still at 65.00. the week after week changes will proceed, and oil costs will keep on rising momentary activity thoughts ought to primarily bounce back from high elevations the cost may give legitimate data for the end of the week shutting drifting testing zone at 65.90.
SweetRose's - Trading journal
SweetRose's - Trading journal

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