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chiko's - Trading journal

chiko's - Trading journal
USD-CHF pair was experiencing a bullish bias on support area at 0.91870, at this support level we can see that on the daily time frame there is a bullish candlestick signal. so based on this signal on the daily time frame I would suggest to buy USD-CHF pair. but please do remember that USD-CHF pair on the long term trend is still showing a bearish trend domination so this buy position might be valid only for a short term target, that is why I am taking a short target for my take profits which is on 0.92570. and from the minor trend in H4 time frame chart we still sees that the bullish trend is still quite dominant so this buy order will be less risky because it is following the minor trend, and the bullish trend is still valid for short term retracement.

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chiko's - Trading journal
USD-CAD on the major time frame analysis is still showing that this pair is still in a strong bearish trend pressure, however as we can see on the smaller time frame such as in H4 it is showing that USD-CAD is having difficulties in breaking the support area on 1.25000 this support area needs to be broken by the bearish trend in order to continue the bearish trend domination, however seeing the condition on H4 time frame which showing that there is a side way condition on support area, I think that selling USD-CAD pair at this moment is still too risky that is why for USD-CAD pair i am still looking for some selling momentum on resistant area that could be on 1.25300 or 1.25450.
chiko's - Trading journal
chiko's - Trading journal
EUR-JPY on the H4 time frame clearly is still on major side way condition and from the candlestick pattern we can see that at this moment EUR-JPY is still going to continue the sideway trend because once again the bullish power was not able to break the resistance area on 1.30560 and the price start to decreased from that point, so based on this condition on the resistance area and also the candlestick confirmation in H4 time frame I think that we can start to open sell order with EUR-JPY and target the support area on 128.800 as take profit level.
Hopefully my analysis would be able to generate some profits today and help you all to understand the market much better, please feel free to leave your comment bellow so that we could have some discussion and share our opinion. Good luck and God bless.

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