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Interlock's - Trading journal

Greetings and good morning to all of my respected forum mates and regular visitors from different places around the world. Hopefully, everyone is fine and enjoying your trading throughout this week. Good to see that everyone is enjoying this week as the market moves too much this week. I also love high volatile market because it brings more profit. My trade in USDMXN is giving me pain from time to time. It moves upwards in one movement at one stage and immediately after some time it moves against my trade. Crude oil reached 63.40 level yesterday. I analyzed the same a few days ago. But it will fall down because the wave of coronavirus disease is increasing day by day.
The requested withdraw has credited to my Skrill account:
Yesterday, I requested this withdrawal amount from the finance department, and it had credited to my account yesterday as well. I know that the finance department works so fast and accurately now. It’s an outstanding performance by the finance department. You don’t have to worry about the payment system of the finance department. Just make a profit and give withdrawal requests legally. Your withdraw will reach your account for sure. Thanks to the MT5 forum and InstaForex finance department for arranging such outstanding performance to earn something without investment. We feel blessed and honored to be a part of you. Long live our MT5 forum and InstaForex.
Interlock's - Trading journal
Scheduled news for trading:
Today there has two high-impact news on the USD index. There has some medium-impact news as well. Recently, all news published positively for the USD index, but for a weird reason, the market acts abnormally. The USD index went to test the 93.50 level, but now it reached the 91.40 level again. There has no valid reason for this abnormal movement actually, but this happened in the market now. All expert Forex trader becomes surprised by this abnormal movement of the market. So check the enclosed scheduled news for trading and prepare your trading plan accordingly.

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Interlock's - Trading journal
Update of my running trade-in USDMXN:
USDMXN is moving downwards direction because of the abnormal movement of the USD index. But the market momentum is bullish. I believe the market will move upwards direction from this level. At the D1 time frame, I found a strong buy entry in the USDMXN with a moderate lot size. Don’t take a high risk in the USDMXN right now.
Interlock's - Trading journal
At the H1 time frame, I found a recovery movement for the USDMXN. It will try to test my entry-level by this wave. I will check the market movement during that high-impact news on the USD index. It may lead me to recover my losses. Let’s see what will happen next.
Interlock's - Trading journal
At the H4 time frame, I found the same recovery momentum for the USDMXN. I opened this trade only for fundamental analysis, but now it turns into technical analysis. Fundamental analysis works perfectly in the Forex market because fundamental analysis has the depth of the market but in recent days the market becomes so volatile and it didn’t respect the market momentum because of this pandemic COVID-19 disease which is an unavoidable situation for the world.
Interlock's - Trading journal
What do you think about this running trade in the USDMXN mates? Please share your analysis with us so that we can learn from your valuable and informative analysis mates. Hope for the best and keep me in your prayer mates. The world is undergoing the last wave of the pandemic coronavirus disease, which is more critical and destructive, and already the world is suffering badly from this dangerous COVID-19 virus. So, stay at home and stay safe to survive this pandemic virus.

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