FX.co ★ 5 acciones prometedoras por debajo de $15

5 acciones prometedoras por debajo de $15

Muchos inversores están convencidos de que debe ingresar al mercado bursátil solo si tiene un capital inicial sólido, pero esto no es cierto. Para tener éxito en el mercado de valores, no es necesario que invierta de inmediato en acciones de gran rendimiento. Hoy cuestan más de cien dólares, pero hubo momentos en los que se negociaban a precios bajísimos. Por lo tanto, al crear una cartera, debe prestar atención no solo a los líderes del mercado, sino también a empresas con gran potencial y acciones asequibles. Eche un vistazo a estas 5 acciones prometedoras con un valor inferior a $15.

5 acciones prometedoras por debajo de $15


Viatris is one of the leading US companies in the market of generic drugs. Apart from generics, the company also produces branded medicine. Its products are well-represented outside the US and in particular in Europe, Asia, and Australia. Experts are sure that Viatris will deliver solid earnings growth by the end of the year. The increasing demand for anti-thrombosis drugs amid global vaccination, reduction of the company’s expenses, and the government support of generics will definitely contribute to its growth in the near future. Right now, Viatris stocks are trading at around $15 per share with a prospect of rising to $18 within a year.

5 acciones prometedoras por debajo de $15

Theravance Biopharma

Theravance Biopharma is another pharmaceutical company with excellent growth potential. The company produces organ-selective medicines to treat localized diseases. Thus, in cooperation with other companies, it has developed medicine for treating various respiratory conditions. Today, Theravance Biopharma is working on its project to develop a drug to cure orthostatic hypotension. If the medical trial is successful and the drug receives approval, the company’s shares may significantly appreciate. At the moment, the stocks are trading at $13.5 per share. Their target price for the year is $16.5.

5 acciones prometedoras por debajo de $15

Ford Motor Company

The Ford Motor Company, an American automotive corporation, was founded almost 120 years ago. It is the fourth-largest car manufacturer in the world by production volume for the entire operation time. Ford’s current market share is 6%. In the long term, Ford may become one of the leading producers of electric cars and may fill a niche in the market of unmanned aerial vehicles. The company is actively developing in these two sectors. If these ambitious plans are fulfilled, the company’s stock may surge. The target price for the year is seen at $16 while today Ford’s shares are trading at $13

5 acciones prometedoras por debajo de $15

Zynga Inc.

The start of this year brought new opportunities for this online game developer. Zynga’s net profit rose by almost 70% in the first quarter of 2021. The company reported record sales of mobile games, while the number of its active users jumped to 160 million people. Such an increase came as a result of an acquisition of the rival companies. Thus, Chartboost, a mobile advertising platform, has recently become part of Zynga. This deal is believed to further expand and monetize the company’s audience which will surely bring the quotes higher. For the year, Zynga’s shares are expected to grow to $14.5 while currently their price is only $8.

5 acciones prometedoras por debajo de $15


Mexico’s CEMEX is one of the largest cement companies in the world. Experts are sure that Cemex will benefit greatly from the new infrastructure plan proposed by the US President as this project implies massive construction. In case the infrastructure bill is approved, the demand for cement will surge, thus boosting the company’s stocks. By the way, Cemex shares have been posting steady gains since March last year. Their price has increased 5 times since the beginning of the pandemic. At the moment, the shares are trading at around $8 with a prospect of reaching $10.4 this year.

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