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Every experienced trader has his or her own secret of successful trading and getting hefty profits. It is impossible to get a grasp on the market and strategies just like that. Expertise can be gained only through years of training. Every trader should experience ups and downs. In the Trading Journal section, you can find all popular posts from traders' journals on the forum.

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Sardar000"❤ Trading Journal?

Hello everyone. The direction to the south prevails in the USDJPY currency pair. In the H1 time frame, significant extremes are falling, and the moving average with a period...
Autor: Sardar000

Network trading journal

Russia vs Ukraine: The Biden administration is preparing to use the MLRS system as part of a larger military and security aid package for Ukraine, which could be announced...
Autor: Network

The Faster Trading Journal

The dollar got weak before Fed meeting minutes. Though the Fed minutes keep a powerful effect on the gold. The gold is present in a slump, moving near the 1831...
Autor: The Faster

Floppy Trading Journal

Update of 28 May, 2022. Greetings everyone, Welcome to my humble journal, all visitors. Thank you for visiting. The Russian government warned the all West countries our those countries...
Autor: Floppy

Rimi4x - Trading Journal

Good morning and have a pleasant day. First and foremost, I'd like to thank you for visiting the Rimi4x trading journal. How are things going for you today? I hope...
Autor: Rimi4x

Wasiliyus trading journal

You are all aware that the market has closed, and we will no longer be able to trade. We don’t trade today because it’s Saturday. There are two days...
Autor: Wasiliyus

Royce's Trading Journal

Hello everybody, President Vladimir Putin says ‘Thank God’ some external businesses have escaped Russia: President Vladimir Putin announced on Thursday that he was delighted some overseas associations had disappeared from...
Autor: Royce

Adam522 Trading Journal

Market Summary Greetings to all! Welcome to Adam522's most recent trading diary update. How did your weekly deals go over with your forum members and visitors? Hopefully, everyone profited from...
Autor: Adam522

ayan555's - Trading journal

Greetings: Good morning, respected forum fellows, traders, and readers from all over the world. How are you? The live market has closed, and the weekend has started...
Autor: ayan555

Jackroay Trading Journal

Good Morning! Once again, a warm welcome to all of you on my trading journal. In my journal, I provide updates on my new strategies and trade ideas...
Autor: Jackroay