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Czech Producer Prices Increases In March

The Czech Republic's producer prices increased in March, figures from the Czech Statistical Office showed on Tuesday.

The industrial producer price index grew 3.3 year-on-year in March, following a 1.4 percent increase in February. Economists had expected a 2.6 percent rise.

Prices for water supply gained 6.9 percent yearly in March. Prices for manufacturing products cost surged 4.1 percent and those of electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning rose 0.1 percent.

Meanwhile, prices for mining and quarrying declined by 0.3 percent.

Prices for durable consumer goods and intermediate goods rose by 3.6 percent and 3.5 percent, respectively.

Meanwhile, prices for energy accelerated 5.6 percent and those for intermediate goods gained 5.4 percent.

On a monthly basis, producer prices rose 1.4 percent in March. Economists had forecast a 0.8 percent rise.

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