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An endless stream of economic data may cause fatigue and even burnout. The Photonews section is a feed with bright and eye-catching photos that come with useful and mind refreshing materials on a variety of topics. The texts cover such areas as technology, social sphere, everyday life, and art. Thanks to this, traders can get a whole picture of the world and relieve the stress from monotonous financial data monitoring.
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Top 5 Russian economic sectors that are booming amid coronavirus pandemic
The coronavirus pandemic that took hold of Russia in spring has cast a shadow on all its economic sectors. There has not been an industry that did not incur losses...
4 potential US presidential election outcomes
Experts suggest four potential presidential election outcomes for the United States. Read about them in our photo gallery...
7 most expensive US presidential campaigns
Election Day in the US is just around the corner. Americans will soon choose a new President. This year the election race has becomee a hot topic for the media...
Top 10 richest US presidential candidates 2020
US presidential candidates are known not only for being popular in political and public circles but also for having a solid amount of funds in their bank accounts. According...
Top 6 powerful all-terrain vehicles
Conquering off-roads and laying new paths in inaccessible places has always been a challenge for an experienced driver. Many of them are ready to overcome obstacles by driving powerful...
Prospering in pandemic: top 3 US companies thriving amid COVID-19
Every cloud has a silver lining. This proverb became a slogan for some companies amid the coronavirus pandemic that began in March 2020. While some organizations were moving employees...
Four scenarios how universe could end
Scientists have proposed several theories of the disappearance of the space-time continuum. They suggest that the universe, which appeared from nowhere, may suddenly vanish. They have analyzed four possible ways...
Top 7 most popular banks among retail clients in Russia
Neither the crisis nor the coronavirus pandemic could change the preferences of Russian citizens when it comes to choosing a bank. According to Deloitte, the first three lines...
Top 5 high-yield US stocks
Analysts at BCS Global Market have selected five trading instruments that could bring the largest profit. Economists expect a rise in stocks of five leading companies in the key sectors...
3 efficient ways to make Internet space safer
Nowadays, it is hard to imagine life without the Internet. Almost all industries and sectors of the economy are closely connected with it. This is why large companies and state...