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Inevitable events like market turmoils, losses, as well as risky and unsuccessful trades are able to dampen traders’ spirits. Sometimes a human brain just needs to be distracted and relaxed. In this case, humor comes to the rescue. There is an opinion that if you can laugh at your failures, you are able to accept them and move on. Humor acts as a psychological shield against stress: a person instantly forgets all misfortunes. The Forex Humor section provides the latest news on the stock market with colorful caricatures.
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Australia targets tax-evading crypto investors

Tax evasion is considered one of the heaviest wrongdoings in any country. There have been plenty of cases in contemporary history when well-known and influential people had to incur severe...

Oil market heads towards new supercycle

Karin Kneissl, an independent member of the board of directors of Rosneft and Austria's former Foreign Minister, supposes that a new supercycle has begun in the global commodity market...

Supporters of BTC issue veiled warning to Elon Musk

According to the data from Daily Mail, Anonymous, a hacker group, has issued a warning to Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. Extremely strong influence of Musk’s tweets...

Falling bitcoin stops altcoins from surging

Dogecoin (DOGE) has been successfully listed on the crypto exchange and keeps rising in price to the joy of its fans. Despite the obvious success, the currency founder, Billy Markus...

Jack Ma's Ant Group gains approval to operate consumer finance firm

Apparently, Chinese authorities’ attack on Ant Group controlled by Alibaba founder Jack Ma has ceased. Chinese authorities reconsidered their position and allowed the fintech group to partially operate a consumer...

Apple employees want to work remotely after pandemic

According to The Verge, citing a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the company’s employees oppose a new policy that would require them to return to office three days...

UK to join Asia-Pacific CPTPP

The United Kingdom has officially applied to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). The country sent a request to become a member of the alliance in early spring...

Chinese yuan may replace greenback as global currency

Ray Dalio, a billionaire and founder of Bridgewater Associates, has estimated prospects of the Chinese yuan and has come to a conclusion that the currency has all chances to become...

Turkish lira hits all-time low

The Turkish lira continues losing value. It seemed that the currency had already reached its all-time low. However, it managed to drop even deeper. Since the beginning of the year...

Crypto whales fill their wallets with BTC during market collapse

According to cryptocurrency experts at Chinalysis, large crypto investors reckon that a slump in bitcoin’s value to about $30,000 in mid-May was the perfect time to buy the digital asset...