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Inevitable events like market turmoils, losses, as well as risky and unsuccessful trades are able to dampen traders’ spirits. Sometimes a human brain just needs to be distracted and relaxed. In this case, humor comes to the rescue. There is an opinion that if you can laugh at your failures, you are able to accept them and move on. Humor acts as a psychological shield against stress: a person instantly forgets all misfortunes. The Forex Humor section provides the latest news on the stock market with colorful caricatures.
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JPMorgan bets on BTC stellar rise to $100,000

After a dazzling rally, the crypto market is falling like a rolling stone from one low to another. While the majority of crypto traders are making bearish calls on digital...

Bitcoin’s correlation with stock market grows

In its early days, bitcoin gained the status of “digital gold” which is widely recognized as a store of value and a hedge against inflation. Yet, some experts point...

Binance CEO among top wealthiest billionaires

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao became the richest person in the world of cryptocurrencies last year. His fortune is estimated at $96 billion. According to Bloomberg’s rating of the world’s...

WEF warns of potential split in global economy

Experts warn that an uneven global economic recovery could deepen divisions within societies and between countries in the near future. According to the World Economic Forum, the world economy risks...

UK braces for heavy economic losses from Omicron

The UK is preparing for economic losses it could sustain due to the spread of the Omicron strain. According to preliminary estimates, the new variant of the coronavirus could cost...

Meme coin Shiba Inu plans big surprises for 2022

While the crypto market is going through another crisis, let us recall the forecasts made for 2022. By the way, some of them predicted the crash in the value...

US Fed to complete softest monetary policy in its 108-year history

In December, the US central bank confirmed that it had to resort to aggressive monetary tightening. Previously, the regulator sent a message to global markets that the ultra-easy monetary policy...

Global carbon pricing to stimulate growth rate

Global carbon pricing could boost the world economy, Catherine Mann, a member of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England, said. The BoE policymaker is sure that adopting...

US-China trade war brings more gain than pain

While analysts have been predicting gloom and doom for the global economy due to the US-China trade war, things have turned out to be far better in reality. Apparently...

China’s foreign reserves expand in December

China will enter the Lunar New Year with extended foreign exchange reserves. An increase in reserves came amid the weakening of the US dollar against other major currencies...