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Inevitable events like market turmoils, losses, as well as risky and unsuccessful trades are able to dampen traders’ spirits. Sometimes a human brain just needs to be distracted and relaxed. In this case, humor comes to the rescue. There is an opinion that if you can laugh at your failures, you are able to accept them and move on. Humor acts as a psychological shield against stress: a person instantly forgets all misfortunes. The Forex Humor section provides the latest news on the stock market with colorful caricatures.
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China’s port logjam threatens global trade

China may repeat the scenario of the Ever Given container ship that halted traffic in the Suez Canal, and block the largest supply routes. Delays from severe congestion at seaports...

US reviews its supply chains to combat China’s abusive practices

China is notorious for neglecting the rules of fair trade. That is why the US wants to set up a “strike force” to strengthen its supply chains and develop countermeasures...

US authorities to control every crypto transfer

The US authorities have finally understood that there is no use in resisting the crypto world. That is why they have decided to impose the strictest possible control over this...

US to allocate $250 billion to boost technology

The US authorities are conscious of the need to maintain their lead in the technological sphere. The country seeks to bolster US competitiveness with other tech leaders, primarily with China...

China’s trade boom continues supported by strong global demand

At the moment, the Chinese economy is going through a trade boom. Its indicators hit record highs, signaling an acceleration in economic growth. Such a rapid change is attributed...

OIG estimates $39.2 billion in improper payments

For the US government, targeted support of the population is the case when it is better to overpay than underpay. Washington has adopted an unprecedented stimulus package to provide financial...

El Salvador adopts bitcoin as legal tender

It has been a couple of weeks since El Salvador’s Congress officially approved President Nayib Bukele’s proposal to embrace bitcoin. This step has proved to be rather practical...

Ethereum may surpass first crypto currency

Analysts foresee a bright future for Ethereum. They suppose that Bitcoin may slide to second place at least in terms of market capitalization. More and more experts believe that Ethereum...

Yellen expects rising inflation to be temporary

The US economy is not afraid of rising inflation especially when it is all about US President Joe Biden’s large-scale stimulus package. There is no doubt that the $4 trillion...

Donald Trump sees BTC as scam

It seems that former US President Donald Trump does not give up and does everything not to drop off the radar. He continues making loud statements. Thus, he has once...