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Every experienced trader has his or her own secret of successful trading and getting hefty profits. It is impossible to get a grasp on the market and strategies just like that. Expertise can be gained only through years of training. Every trader should experience ups and downs. In the Trading Journal section, you can find all popular posts from traders' journals on the forum.

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Tacaz Trading Journal

The extent of the impact of President Biden's decisions on the US economy: Greetings and good morning to all visitors, readers, and my valuable forum fellows. It is known that...
Author: Tacaz

Tigerlane's Trading Journal

Hello, I'm fine and I hope you all are happy too. Hope you enjoy the weekend with your family members. Welcome to my trade journal section. I wish...
Author: Tigerlane

PhilipOscar Trading Journal

Hello morning to all Have a nice day mate Dollar Index prediction Actually I thought the upward movement would be stronger, but it looks like the price is lacking momentum...
Author: PhilipOscar

Interlock's - Trading journal

Greetings and good morning to all of my dearest forum members and visitors. Hopefully, everyone is fine and enjoying your weekend with your closest friends and family mates. Personally...
Author: Interlock

AHT's - Trading journal

EURUSD Bullish Momentum going on, Buyer can hold their position Last Saturday, the EURUSD Closed with bullish candle on daily chart. The price touch the support area on the horizontal...
Author: AHT

ForexRider's - Trading journal

Technical Analysis of EUR. GBP, AUD. USD & EUR. JPY Good Day Its the last holiday of this week and tomorrow the market will be opened, traders will be ready to trade again...
Author: ForexRider

ola4real's - Trading journal

JOURNAL UPDATE ON 24TH OF JANUARY, 2021 Hello forex traders, I am very glad to be on my journal page today, I could not made the writing yesterday, please bear...
Author: ola4real

Gullz Trading journal

Journal Update: 24-01-2021 Greetings and Good Morning! A new era has started for the US nation in the leadership of Mr. Joe Biden. The new president is intended to impart...
Author: Gullz

Jayden,s Trading Journal

Good morning traders. After several items GBP USD received rejection from the lowest price in the supply zone on the monthly time frame 1. 3711 and had formed an Inside...
Author: Leofric

Shantiman Trading Journal

Today trading journal update about my Eurusd and Usdchf running trades updates Eurusd highlights Good morning all valued traders around the world have a nice day. Today not any fundamentally...
Author: ShantiMan