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Every experienced trader has his or her own secret of successful trading and getting hefty profits. It is impossible to get a grasp on the market and strategies just like that. Expertise can be gained only through years of training. Every trader should experience ups and downs. In the Trading Journal section, you can find all popular posts from traders' journals on the forum.

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Cryptocurrency news

BTC/USDT analysis Last week, bitcoin was trading within a narrow sideways channel of $18, 250 - $19, 950. The new week started well for bitcoin and it reached the previous weekly high...
Author: Eard1957

Old-Chapter Trading Journal

Trading Journal Updates 27. 09. 2022: Hello everybody, welcome to my trading journal. I believe You Are good in health and making a good profit. Now we enter the second...
Author: Old-Chapter

Adam522 Trading Journal

Economic Events: Closed Trades Yesterday in the silver market, I preferred to close the buying trades manually for a gain of 22 dollars. Whereas in the gold selling trade...
Author: Adam522

NTFX's Trading journal

Hello everyone. Welcome to my trading journal update. I hope you are doing well and making good profits from the high violation of the market. Moving price action will continue...
Author: NTFX


Welcome to invest Social Networks. Hello, my dear friend visitor and forum everyone AS-SALAAM-ALAIKUM. I welcome your latest update on my journal trading. Today the trading market is fully open...
Author: Carryminati

PROMASTER Trading Journal

Dear Members and visitors from everywhere, welcome to my trading journal update. There are markets open today, so I hope you're all searching for a good one on a different...

Khan345 Trading Journal

Hello guys, how are you? I welcome you all to my trading journal update. First, I want to thank everyone for putting effort into the technical forecasting of different forex...
Author: khan345

MeraLifeH-trading Journal

The USD index: Today, the USD index rose from the 113. 0 level to 114. 30 status. Yesterday, I mentioned the target of the USD index at the 114. 40 level before dropping...
Author: meraLOveH

vellamunda Trading Journal

EUR/GBP Trade. EUR/GBP is the forex ticker that tells traders how many British Pounds are needed to buy a Euro. It is one of the most traded currency pairs worldwide...
Author: vellamunda

Lifedoor's - Trading journal

Hello everyone. Welcome to my trading journal update. I hope you are doing well and making a good profit from the price actions of the market. We can see that...
Author: Lifedoor