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Every experienced trader has his or her own secret of successful trading and getting hefty profits. It is impossible to get a grasp on the market and strategies just like that. Expertise can be gained only through years of training. Every trader should experience ups and downs. In the Trading Journal section, you can find all popular posts from traders' journals on the forum.

The best of today


EUR/USD Yesterday, the euro/dollar pair broke through its subwave (the level of 1. 1616) downwards and extended losses . Now, I expect the quotes to reach the next 1/2 weekly control...
Author: Elliot_Trend

Interlock's - Trading journal

Hello everyone. Good day. Warmest welcome to today's trading journal update. How are you doing today? How much did you enjoy your first-day trading? Bitcoin went to test the 59, 400...
Author: Interlock

Jackroay Trading Journal

Greetings to all! Hi everyone, I am fine and hope everyone will be happy and healthy. In my trading journal, you can read about my last two to three updates...
Author: Jackroay

Honey Bee's - Trading journal

Hello everyone. Welcome to my trading journal update. I hope you all are fine and have a solid plan for making a profit from the market. The dollar index exchange...
Author: Honey Bee

amiron56's - Trading journal

Forecast for the US Dollar Index: Good morning, everyone. I hope you are well physically and mentally. I am also good. The first day of this week has been completed...
Author: amiron56

ayan555's - Trading journal

Hello everyone! Good morning, respected forum fellows, traders, and readers from all over the world. How are you? Today is Tuesday and the second trading day of the week. Yesterday's...
Author: ayan555

newdream365's - Trading journal

Good morning everybody hopes all are well and continue to make a good profit. I also well but I was so much busy with my promotional exam and my Exam...
Author: newdream365

Forex Mate 07 Trading Journal

FM-07/2021/10/247 26th October 2021 Dear all, I greet everyone at the beginning. I hope everybody on this site also had a great day. As the saying goes, the fruit...
Author: Forex Mate 07

zahid4x's - Trading journal

Good morning. I hope you are all well. The US dollar has been trying to move higher since yesterday. As can be seen from today's chart, the candlestick...
Author: zahid4x

bappy4x's - Trading journal

Hello, everyone! Welcome to "Bappy4x's Trading Journal". I hope that you are all trading well because yesterday I executed some buy orders on Bitcoin, and I closed these buy orders...
Author: bappy4x