FX.co ★ Negative recedes on the US stock market, while Europe suffered losses

Negative recedes on the US stock market, while Europe suffered losses

Negative recedes on the US stock market, while Europe suffered losses

United States stock exchanges close Tuesday's trading session with a rather restrained upward movement. The major stock indexes climbed after a slight decline was recorded on the previous day. Most analysts still continue to argue that the participants are not too concerned about the instability in political terms and the possible impeachment of Donald Trump, who is soon to leave the presidency. Also, there was almost no reaction to the riots that occurred after Trump's speech. Thus, the market decided to somewhat abstract from the current political problems and move in its own direction.

The movement of stock indexes are mainly positively influenced by the prospect of expanding the fiscal stimulus program after the Democratic Party and Joe Biden came to power. Most likely, America is waiting for a new and even more significant package of incentives that will be able to provide significant support to the economy of the state affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Joe Biden has already made an almost sensational statement that he is ready to provide financial assistance amounting to more than $1 trillion. The draft of the corresponding program will be presented this week. Biden's intentions have already caused a storm of positive emotions among investors.

Nevertheless, according to the position of the US Federal Reserve System, it may decide to abandon stimulus measures in the near future. This will happen if the statistics on the economy indicate a confident, clear, and rapid recovery from the consequences of the crisis. However, it is difficult to predict whether this will happen in reality or not.

Meanwhile, according to the U.S. labor market, the number of job openings in the country in the autumn of 2020 decreased by 105,000 to 6.527 million. Experts' preliminary forecast estimated a drop in the indicator to 6.3 million. However, the fact that the number of vacancies is steadily decreasing speaks for itself and has a positive effect on investors.

Recall that the US stock market fell rapidly at the end of the trading session on Monday, which forced it to move away from the maximum values that were so actively collected earlier. Analysts were quick to warn that the market is now already in a state of the highest prices in recent times and that you need to be prepared for any unexpected correction. Nevertheless, the correction was prolonged: this morning, the major stock indexes already began to record growth.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 0.19% or 60 points, which allowed it to rise to 31,068.69 points.

The S&P 500 index rose slightly by 0.04% or 1.58 points, which moved it to the level of 3,801. 19 points.

The NASDAQ Composite index rose 0.28% or 36 points. Its current level is located at 13,072. 43 points.

European stock exchanges, on the other hand, recorded a decline on Tuesday. Market participants expressed great concern about the complicated epidemiological situation, which only got worse after the New Year holidays. In addition, they are under pressure from political problems in the United States.

The general index of large enterprises in the European region STOXX Europe 600 slight rose 0.05%, which sent it to the region of 408.61 points.

The UK FTSE 100 Index declined 0.65%. Germany's DAX fell 0.08%. France's CAC 40 Index sank 0.2%. Italy's FTSE MIB Index fell 0.33%. Spain's IBEX 35 Index lost 0.14%.

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