FX.co ★ Forecast for USD/JPY on August 16, 2021

Forecast for USD/JPY on August 16, 2021


Unfortunately, the USD/JPY pair could not withstand external pressure and fell by almost 80 points on Friday as restrictive stops below 110.10 were triggered.

Forecast for USD/JPY on August 16, 2021

It passed the 109.80 target level and the 109.20 target is open. New stop losses are likely to accumulate below this level, and big players may be tempted to repeat Friday's success and push the price down to 108.35. And here the question arises - do the big players need it? The answer may be in the affirmative if the majority of investors expect an imminent collapse in the stock markets. But so far there is no such unequivocal sentiment in the business media. If investors still expect growth in the medium term (and companies' financial statements are good), then the pair may not reach the 109.20 target level to maintain market calm. Or the price will go down very slowly to the target level.

Consolidating above the resistance at 109.80 will bring back the rising sentiment, the price will try to once again go above the price channel line (110.60).

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Forecast for USD/JPY on August 16, 2021

The price settled below the target level of 109.80 on the four-hour chart, the Marlin Oscillator outlined a reversal from the oversold zone. This could be an early sign of the dollar's intention to recover, or it could spend a few days in the 109.20/80 range.

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