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Is Bitcoin expecting a hot May?

At the auction on Wednesday, the first cryptocurrency is rapidly approaching the lows of the beginning of May - around $ 37,500. At the time of writing, digital gold is balanced at $ 38,950. The focus of attention of market participants today is the publication of the results of the meeting of the US Federal Reserve.

On Tuesday, the value of the BTC decreased by 1.8%, closing the trading session at $ 37,700. By the way, not only the main cryptocurrency asset could boast of loud falls on the eve. So, the price of Ethereum sank by 2.2%, Terra - by 1.9%, and XRP - by 0.9%.

According to the world's largest aggregator of data on digital assets CoinGecko, over the past day, the total capitalization of the crypto market decreased by 1.7% and reached $ 1.79 trillion.

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Is Bitcoin expecting a hot May?

Experts have been recording a permanent drop in bitcoin for the fourth week in a row. The main reason for the negative dynamics of the asset is the decline in key US stock indices. Last Friday, the securities of American giants Amazon and Google showed a record collapse since 2008. The pessimistic mood of the shares of leading corporations was instantly reflected in the indicators of the high-tech NASDAQ Composite index. By the way, in the past month, this stock indicator decreased by 12.7%, which was the maximum level of decline since 2008.

In April, the value of the first cryptocurrency sank by 16.2% - the lowest indicator of this month since 2011 against the background of negative events on world markets, as well as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

According to the results of the first quarter of 2022, the value of digital gold lost 1.5%. At the same time, the past March was a fairly favorable period for the asset, as a result of which it reported an increase of 10%, strengthening for the second month in a row.

In January, Bitcoin lost more than 16%, and during February its price increased by 12%.

In November 2021, the BTC updated the historical record, soaring above $ 69,000. Since then, cryptocurrency has moved in a steady decline.

According to the results of the past year, the cost of bitcoin increased 1.6 times - to $ 46,200 from $ 28,900.

As for the forecasts of cryptanalysts regarding the near future of the main virtual asset, most of them confidently declare the promising prospects of the coin.

The day before, experts from the Bloomberg news agency predicted the resumption of growth of the main virtual coin. Thus, analysts are confident that a rapid correction in global stock markets will force the US Federal Reserve to reduce the pace of monetary policy tightening. In response to this, a tangible bullish rally will begin in the markets of high-risk assets, including cryptocurrency. In addition to a significant increase in the value of Bitcoin, Bloomberg also allows the resumption of growth of popular virtual assets Ethereum and Solana.

Earlier, American economist Benjamin Cowan said that the digital asset market expects spectacular growth in the near future. Interestingly, this time in his forecast, the crypto expert ignored the king of the cryptocurrency market and advised traders to invest in Ethereum, Cardano, Avalanche, and Polkadot.

Traditionally, May is considered a fairly good period for Bitcoin. So, over the past 11 years, digital gold has completed this month with an increase in seven cases and a fall in four. The average May rise is about 27%, and the decline is 6%. If this May the first cryptocurrency decides to repeat the approximate dynamics of the past years, it may grow to $ 48,000 in a month or collapse to $ 32,000.

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