FX.co ★ Guernsey-France fishing dispute caused by Brexit confusion

Guernsey-France fishing dispute caused by Brexit confusion

French fishermen could have never imagined that Brexit might affect their catch. However, as a result of Brexit, no French fishing boats can operate in Guernsey, territorial waters that belong to the UK. France in its turn promised to torch boats with banned British fish on board. Probably it was a hasty decision as British waters account for a third part of the catch of French fishermen meaning that the escalation of the conflict is not in France's interests. At the same time, Guernsey authorities also bear losses because, under the new regulations,  British fishermen cannot sell their catch in France. Guernsey's Minister for External Affairs, Jonathan Le Tocq, said Guernsey was informed only 10 days before Brexit that it was not covered by EU regulation any more as the UK had withdrawn from the London Fisheries Convention. The dispute has dramatically affected the fishing industry causing adverse reactions among French fishermen. Emmanuel Macron promised to settle the matter in the nearest future.

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