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Discord app: honeypot for Microsoft

Microsoft Corp. is holding talks to purchase game platform Discord which is rapidly gaining popularity. Having scrutinized strategic plans of the IT giant, experts found out some reasons behind the company's interest in a new messaging app

Discord app: honeypot for Microsoft

Discord: new reality for gamers

A lot of analysts acknowledge Discord to be the milestone in the world of computer games. The platform was invented and launched in 2015 and has become a popular service for people to chat while they are gaming. Discord developers point out that the messaging service is free of charge. The platform enables users to exchange voice and text messages, send videos as well as includes a range of convenient features for gamers. Users appreciated a lot of Discord features during the COVID-19 pandemic when people around the world had to follow the stay-home directive. The popular app expanded beyond the scope of gamers’ interests and became the center of gravity for various communities and forums united by common interests.

Discord app: honeypot for Microsoft

High market value

With a multi-million community, the market value of the Discord app has been growing like mad. This fact has not escaped the attention of Microsoft Corp. The app has more than 140 million monthly active users. Discord’s revenue was estimated at $100 mln in 2020. Referring to The Wall Street Journal, Discord’s market value measured nearly $7 bln in December 2020. The company attracted investment of almost $480 mln.

Discord app: honeypot for Microsoft

New sales for Microsoft

Experts say that the popular messaging app could invigorate sales of Microsoft products. Importantly, any user is able to create one’s own community or a server on Discord. At present, the number of participants on such servers varies from 1-2 people to hundreds of thousands. Through such communities, Microsoft intends to ensure the broad consumer reach and boost sales. In 2020, the high-tech giant was seeking to purchase other popular messaging apps that would open access to vast multi-functional target audiences. Microsoft tried to acquire such online socializing services as TikTok and Pinterest, but its efforts were in vain.

Discord app: honeypot for Microsoft

Conclusion: acquisition could end in nothing

Analysts reckon that Discord understands perfectly well that it is more beneficial to the company to go public rather than sell its platform to the IT giant. The app is in great demand among gamers. Apart from being a chatting tool for gamers, the app has evolved into a popular service for online communication and socializing, especially during the pandemic. Experts share the viewpoint that Discord is an efficient service for direct sales of video games and development of consumer-focused communities. A lot of designers of video games create their own channels on Discord that enables direct communication between them and consumers. Clients use the server not only to search for new games and fellow gamers but also to enter a community sharing their interests.

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