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Top 4 stocks Goldman Sachs heavily favor for in 2022

Analysts at Goldman Sachs have recently highlighted four companies whose stocks may soar by more than 70% in 2022. The main criteria for choosing stocks were the high revenue and the best growth prospect of these firms. The bank emphasizes that the gross margin of the four companies exceeds 50%

Top 4 stocks Goldman Sachs heavily favor for in 2022

Activision Blizzard Inс.

Analysts believe that Activision Blizzard, a developer of computer games, has the brightest prospects compared to other promising companies in 2022. The launch of the Call of Duty game series, as well as the success of Hearthstone, a free-to-play online game, will be the main boosters of the company's development. Testing of new mobile Warcraft games is projected to bring hefty profit to Activision Blizzard. Experts note that the company will continue to generate revenue steadily. According to the earnings results of 2021, Goldman Sachs experts estimated the gross margin of the game developer at 75.3%. The share price is likely to total $111, a 70% increase from December 2021. Back then, its share price amounted to $65.16.

Top 4 stocks Goldman Sachs heavily favor for in 2022

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing is the second company on the list whose stock is likely to exceed 70% in 2022. Notably, it is a leading semiconductor manufacturer. By the end of 2021, its revenue jumped by 13% to T134.5 billion ($4.85 billion). Over the ten months of 2021, this indicator soared by 17%, to T1.28 trillion ($46.2 billion) from T1.1 trillion ($39.5 billion). In 2021, the gross margin of the microchip manufacturer surged by 51.5%. Goldman Sachs sees the company's share price at T1,028, which is a 70% increase. In late December, its share cost T604. Naturally, in 2022, the bank expects a spike in the net profit as well as in the company's margin by 50% and higher amid rising prices for regular customers.

Top 4 stocks Goldman Sachs heavily favor for in 2022

Jeisys Medical Inc.

Jeisys Medical Inc. ranked third among companies with the brightest prospects for 2022. Analysts at Goldman Sachs believe that the South Korean manufacturer of medical equipment is sure to boost its revenue this year. Besides, its shares will be highly attractive for investment. Earlier, Goldman Sachs stressed that Jeisys Medical Inc. demonstrated solid profit growth for the third quarter of 2021. In the next three years, they predict an increase in the total revenue of the firm of 36% and in the net profit of 64%. Asset diversification and innovative products will be the main drivers of the company’s growth. The bank pays attention to the long-term prospects of Jeisys Medical shares. The target price is likely to total 19,200 KRW or $16.10 per share, notching a rise of 147.7%.

Top 4 stocks Goldman Sachs heavily favor for in 2022

Jiumaojiu International Holding Ltd.

Hong Kong Jiumaojiu International Holding, the largest chain of Chinese restaurants, closes the top 4 companies whose shares may surpass 70%. The main reason for such an optimistic scenario is the company’s high revenue and resilience to external headwinds. The bank assesses the Chinese restaurateur's multi-brand strategy as highly effective. Apart from that, Jiumaojiu International Holding plans to open more than 1,200 of its stores by 2026. In 2021, the gross margin of the company skyrocketed by 62.8%. At the same time, the target share price will be 31HKD or $3.97, showing a jump of 130%.

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