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World’s top 5 diamond-mining countries

Mining has always been a profitable business, especially when it comes to gold and diamonds that are praised all over the world for their beauty and rarity. Having undergone processing, braids turn into diamonds. Jewelers create unique and expensive pieces out of them. Diamonds are mainly mined in 5 countries with the largest deposits.

World’s top 5 diamond-mining countries


Russia, home to all kinds of mineral resources, tops the list of the world’s largest producers of diamonds. Most of its mining deposits and activities occur in Yakutia, the Arkhangelsk region, and Perm Krai. Russia’s major mines are Yubileynaya, Udachny, and Mir. The country mines about 38.3 million carats worth $3.73 billion annually.

World’s top 5 diamond-mining countries


Botswana sits second on the list. It houses Jwaneng, Africa’s largest diamond mine, with mining carried out there at a depth of 350 meters. Botswana’s second-largest mine, Orapa, was launched in 1971. In 2006, a record amount of diamonds – 17.3 million carats – was mined there. Later, however, performance decreased drastically. Currently, the country’s diamond deposits are estimated at 85 million carats. Botswana mines 25 million carats worth $3.64 billion every year.

World’s top 5 diamond-mining countries


Canada is the third-largest diamond producer in the world. The country enjoys a high living standard and is rich in minerals and precious metals. Canada boasts vast diamond reserves. Its biggest mine, Ekati, is located in the northwest of the country. Mining started there in 1998. Diamonds are currently mined by BHPbilliton Diamonds Inc. Canada produces 12 million carats of diamonds worth $2 million annually.

World’s top 5 diamond-mining countries


Angola takes fourth place in the ranking. The country’s economy is based on the extraction of minerals, in particular crude and diamonds. Angola produces 8.8 million carats worth $1.32 million a year. Its main diamond reserves are located in the areas of Lunda Norte and Kwango in the province of Lunda Norte ("Lunda North"). Diamond mining is carried out by Portuguese, Australian, and Russian companies.

World’s top 5 diamond-mining countries

Republic of South Africa (RSA)

South Africa, one of the most highly developed countries on the African continent, is the fifth-biggest diamond-mining country on our list. It is the only African country that does not belong to the so-called "Third World". Diamond mining is one of the country’s key economic sectors. On average, 7.4 million carats worth $1.22 billion are mined in South Africa annually. The country’s largest diamond mine Venice is located in the province of Limpopo. Private company De Beers is in charge of the mining process. The mine’s reserves are projected to deplete by 2046.

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