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Most attractive tech stocks for investing

Recession fears have increased since the US Federal Reserve initiated monetary tightening this year. In this light, US tech stocks ended their multi-year rally. Analysts say a sell-off of tech stock will continue, as companies openly warn their shareholders of a potential decrease in revenue in the coming quarters. Nevertheless, not all IT firms will be hit hard. Goldman Sachs names 4 colossi in the US stock market able to withstand a recession and even boost revenue in such a difficult time

Most attractive tech stocks for investing


While most IT companies are facing a decrease in demand for their services amid record inflation, Amazon is doing great. Moreover, the brainchild of Jeff Bezos is forecast to expand in various fields. Thus, the e-commerce giant is likely to see a rise in demand for its media and cloud services, which, in turn, should become the driving force for its shares. This year, Amazon shares could swell above 65% to $3,700, Goldman Sachs estimated.

Most attractive tech stocks for investing


Since January, Uber, an American taxi service, has lost 45% of its share value. Nevertheless, it is still one of the most attractive tech firms to invest in. Many analysts say Uber shares are underestimated. Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs experts foresee an increase in the giant’s share value by almost 140%. Uber shares may well rise to $55 by next summer.

Most attractive tech stocks for investing


Meta, the parent company of social network Facebook, may also see growth in its share value this year. The management team is optimistic about Meta’s future and is aiming to expand its 2022 revenue. Goldman Sachs believes that a company striving to be one of the beneficiaries of the metaverse concept has excellent growth potential. In a year, Meta shares could be worth $300 per unit, up by 60% from their current price.

Most attractive tech stocks for investing


Google’s parent company is another promising issuer that stands out from the general negative background, according to Goldman Sachs. Today, Alphabet is recognized as the world’s largest digital advertising platform. Last year, the giant recorded a record income of $257 billion owing to this business field. Analysts suggest the advertising market will continue to expand this year. In this light, the company could once again yield a solid profit and see its shares soaring by almost 40% to $3,000.

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