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World’s five most dangerous roads

There are several motorways around the world that pose serious risks to drivers and passengers. It is risky to travel through this type of terrain because of its mountainous and winding surface. However, travelers find easy ways to get across them. The world's top five most heavy-going roads are shown in our photo gallery.

World’s five most dangerous roads

Transfagarasan Highway (Romania)

Experts rank the Transfagarasan highway as one of the world's most impressive and dangerous routes. For drifting enthusiasts, the journey along this 90 kilometers road will be an unforgettable experience. The Transfagarasan highway runs through the Romanian Carpathian Mountains and the Fagaras massif. In fact, the highway connects the two regions of Romania: Wallachia and Transylvania. The highest point of the second high-mountain route in Romania is 2034 meters. According to legend, vampires lived in this area. In the vicinity of the popular high road, there is a mountain lake and Balea waterfall, as well as a fortress known as the residence of vampire Count Dracula.

World’s five most dangerous roads

Death Road (Bolivia)

Experts consider Bolivia's Death Road to be the second longest and most difficult to travel. Its length is 70 kilometers and the maximum height is 3600 meters above sea level. The road is full of dangerous bends. In some places, it is slippery, narrow, and heavy going. Vehicles plummet over the edge every week, claiming more than 100 lives. This highway is famous for its unique rock formations and diverse flora.

World’s five most dangerous roads

Atlantic Road (Norway)

Among the world's breathtaking serpentines, the Atlantic Road in Norway is considered relatively safe. However, there is an 8 kilometers section on this track that only intrepid travelers can get across. The bends of the Atlantic Road pose many problems for the drivers. Notably, part of this road runs through the sea. So, during storms, it goes under water. The force of the waves surrounding the road is enough to sweep heavy vehicles into the sea.

World’s five most dangerous roads

Devil's Highway (Alaska)

The length of this route, which runs through Alaska, is 666 kilometers. This is why the winding road is called the Devil's Highway. The route's complexity is due to its surface. About 170 kilometers of the road is covered with asphalt. The rest of it consists of snow and gravel. The Devil's Highway is used by workers from nearby settlements to reach the oil production station. To successfully reach their destination, workers need a handheld radio and a four-wheel-drive vehicle that is stocked with the essentials.

World’s five most dangerous roads

Troll's Road (Norway)

Trollstigen, or 'Troll's Road', is one of the most visited tourist roads in Norway. It is a winding mountain road that connects the town of Andalsnes in Rauma and the village of Valldal in Norddal Municipality. During the autumn and winter, this route is closed due to the risk of severe avalanches, landslides, and abnormal snowfall. This part of the road opens in the second half of May and closes in October. The road is located in the southwestern part of the country, 350 kilometers northwest of the capital of Norway, Oslo. In some places, the width of the road does not exceed 3.3 meters, so the passage of cars whose length is more than 12.4 meters is prohibited. At the top of Trollstigen, 858 meters above sea level, there is a car parking area and a large viewpoint. It overlooks the winding road and the 180-meter-high Stigfossen waterfall.

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