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Top 5 popular metaverses in 2022

The virtual space is confidently entering modern life and becoming an important part of it. Thus, metauniverses appear - special virtual spaces where users interact with each other and with the outside world. The ecosystem of the metaverse combines the capabilities of virtual and augmented realities, as well as blockchain networks. Your attention is invited to the five most interesting projects of this digital system

Top 5 popular metaverses in 2022

Horizon worlds

Horizon worlds is a new virtual project that has just been created. The developers update it from time to time. Horizon worlds is a special virtual world that can be accessed using the Oculus Rift virtual reality glasses. According to the creators of Horizon worlds, this metaverse will continue to develop and improve.

Top 5 popular metaverses in 2022


Decentraland is one of the largest and most actively developing metaverses created on the basis of Ethereum in 2017. The project has its own MANA token, with which users can conduct any financial transactions in this virtual world: buy or rent land in the game, build shopping or music centers, open art galleries, etc. The Decentraland project is decentralized in its essence and does not have a main server. At the same time, the content on the platform is collected from users' computers around the world.

Top 5 popular metaverses in 2022


Sandbox is a unique decentralized virtual world based on the Ethereum blockchain network and managed by this community. In this metaverse, users can create and sell any assets. The Sandbox project is one of the fastest growing virtual worlds, whose mission is to change the modern gaming market and create innovative content. The platform has its own SAND token, with which users conduct transactions. It helps Sandbox users interact with the environment and with each other.

Top 5 popular metaverses in 2022


Cryptovoxels is a new metaverse created on the basis of Ethereum. This platform is under development, but it is already being tested. With the help of built-in editing tools, Cryptovoxels users can buy land and build any objects on it: shops, music centers, art galleries, etc.

Top 5 popular metaverses in 2022


Somnium is another metaverse based on the Ethereum blockchain network. Somnium players can create and trade unique digital objects. An important feature of this platform is the key tool - SDK, which helps in the creation and customization of avatars and properties. This is a specialized module designed to develop structures, which is also a token for asset trading.

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