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Navalny's supporters fear Russia's Putin wants him dead

Alexei Navalny is starving, yet he's actually making dull jokes. Three weeks into a jail hunger strike, the resistance legislator has depicted himself as a "skeleton" faltering round his phone with such depressed eyes and rigid skin he'd startle any kid into eating their porridge. Be that as it may, his allies aren't giggling. They've been cautioning such Navalny's reality "barely survives" since blood test results seemed to show that his potassium levels were hazardously high. Vladimir Putin's premier pundit was kept the second he got back to Russia in January after treatment for nerve specialist harming in Siberia the previous summer. He was then imprisoned for disregarding the details of a court conviction generally denounced as politically propelled.
IFX Vladimir Trading Journal 🌹💖👌
As he's swore to proceed with his jail fight, the Kremlin has excused global articulations of worry as inadmissible. It's currently declining even to remark on the present circumstance, this convict, making way for a hazardous clash of wills. This weekend was really downright awful, will not lie," Navalny wrote in his most recent Instagram post, passed on by means of his legal advisors, portraying how he was moved to a jail emergency clinic after his wellbeing got ugly. An attorney who was then conceded to see him momentarily revealed to me he was "truly slender, powerless and unmistakably bad," however still ready to walk. He likens the refusal of appropriate clinical consideration with the endeavor to harm Alexei Navalny with Novichok a year ago, and his own close deadly harming before that.

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IFX Vladimir Trading Journal 🌹💖👌
The two men ended up in a state of extreme lethargy; both went through months in recuperation. This is the continuation of the old and awful custom of tormenting political detainees in the USSR and now Russia," Mr Kara-Murza accepts. These individuals know no limits. Confrontation that could slaughter Navalny. To a few, the circumstance looks individual. Navalny flew back to Russia in January after openly blaming President Vladimir Putin for attempting to have him murdered.
Analysis for #BTCUSD
Something yesterday's forecast does not want to come true, on the contrary, bitcoin is trying to turn upside down. Really, there will be no correction this time too. So far, I see the formation of an upward reversal pattern. It is worth watching for now, but when the local top at 57.300 is broken, you can try to buy again. Approximate targets - 60k, 62.500, 64k . Yes, yes, we can quite return there, although yesterday I was absolutely sure of going 50k and below. But, the new day makes its own adjustments. This means that we are watching the 54.300 mark, while we can still return to the fall .
IFX Vladimir Trading Journal 🌹💖👌
Analysis for #ETHUSD
I wrote at the weekend that it would be more correct to sell on pullbacks. At the moment, it is already clear that my prediction was correct. 2280.88838 the pullback to the resistance level 2250.7932 , we observe the continuation of the south direction, and the nearest targets for today are below: support at 2291.8363, which is today's control level, and an additional target - the test of the past minimum of 2045.9000.
IFX Vladimir Trading Journal 🌹💖👌
Analysis for #LTCUSD
Given the downward trend, it can be assumed that after a slight correction, LTCUSD will continue to fall to 255.89 Yesterday the price dropped to support (which has recently been both support and resistance) at 250.780 I think both investors and speculators have taken a break in anticipation. Technically, it can drop to 257.89. In the short term, if the coin can gain a foothold above 253.29, then the growth targets at 250-240, to be continued.
IFX Vladimir Trading Journal 🌹💖👌

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