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Honey Bee's - Trading journal

Greetings and Good Morning
The market will give unexpected moves this week and breaking the new support or resistance channel for the major currency pairs, I am still waiting for the new deposit bonus for the last two week to go further trading in the open market because this time take some big risk to grab some good profit with strong entry doing scalping will be better but not achieved our weekly goal with the moving market it will need some more investment as the admin give any news about bonus then execute our plans with this week trading to get better results.
Honey Bee's - Trading journal
EURUSD moving price will hit the top opposition this week to give data for the purchasers holding trades close to the next range for 1.2080. The general tension on the euro has started to adjust on the bullish up-bearing pattern line. As the current reach keeps on transcending 1.2030, the danger of short position pressures has not been dispensed with, and it needs to break above 1.2090 to adequately lessen ease. As indicated by the current week's exchanging viewpoint, the euro broke new opposition and proceed with its upward development, and unexpectedly, it went under pressure. The downtrend is basically hitting the 1.1975, it will be more influenced by the news and have a plan to split the following divert up way today at 1.2100 expected with the long moving business sector for this pair.

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Honey Bee's - Trading journal
GBPUSD likewise follows a similar example since we can see the index rate will be as yet falling and offer strain to the major USD-based sets to the up course in this week. The general position on the pound has started to change. The current reach is going to break 1.4040 and we can hope to test 1.4150, further extending the upkeep to break that level. The current week's business input was changed. As the pound bobbed back to the past breaking obstruction channel at 1.4000, if viable help keeps on rising, the potential gain will be the inverse. The break beneath 1.3890 is as yet bullish. The momentary pound is solid. In the event that it adequately breaks above 1.4075 during the present opening meeting, it is prescribed to do scalping with this high infringement combines and afterward anticipated the market with pattern bearing and procure pips range from 1.4050 to 1.4190.
Honey Bee's - Trading journal
The Unrefined petroleum market has done a major development in the up or drawback heading first breaks the new opposition top over the 64.50 and afterward out of nowhere tumbles to the trading region at 61.45, as we keep on hanging out over the new breakout. Now time, the market appears as though it is moving in the scope of 62.30 however needs to gather the vital speed to do additional trading. There are a lot of concerns with regards to the interest condition, basically due to the Covid diseases moving outside. Assuming that will be the situation, it could drive down interest. Then again, on the off chance that we keep on seeing the dollar fall, the costs will be further going up and hit the opposition for the new high at 69.00 yet with the current pandemic circumstance, it will likewise hit the help as keep moving to the exorbitant costs of this current month.
Honey Bee's - Trading journal

*The market analysis posted here is meant to increase your awareness, but not to give instructions to make a trade
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