FX.co ★ Stock hours and schedule of trading sessions on Forex

A trading session is a period of time when banks and other market participants are actively trading. The forex market is open round the clock from Monday to Friday. Trading activity on Forex runs non-stop. When night falls in one part of the world and markets go into a sleeping mode, trading starts in other parts of the globe as the sun rises. The exception is the weekends and national holidays such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Easter. On these days, the currency market is closed.
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The forex trading hours show the time when major stock exchanges are working. By following the trading hours, traders can closely monitor the market movements at a given time period and develop their best-suited trading strategy. The Trading Floor Clocks from InstaForex indicate the time according to UTC.

The trading floor clocks consist of a dial plate represented by a pie chart which displays marked sectors on its time coordinates. These sectors indicate the time of a trading session on a particular exchange. The sector marked with green shows the most active hours in the market.

On the trading floor clocks, the hour hand is different from the usual clocks with a 12-hours scale. On a usual clock, an hour hand makes a full circle twice in 24 hours, while on the trading floor clocks it makes a full circle once a day.

As for the minute and second hands, they follow the usual trajectory and complete a circle in 60 minutes and 60 seconds respectively.

The trading floor clocks show the Coordinated Universal Time, UTC. This universal time is constant and stays unchanged during winter and summer. This time standard is considered to be the most suitable for trading clocks. The time of trading sessions is calculated in accordance with UTC.