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US premarket on August 4: US stock market grows. Alibaba posts robust revenues

US stock index futures continued to rise in morning trading on Thursday. Yesterday, the assets managed to reach above monthly highs. Investors ignored warnings about the rise in the bond...
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Analytical expert: Jakub Novak

American Premarket for July 21: American Airlines' report surpassed forecasts. The stock market continues to grow

By analogy with yesterday, futures on US stock indices fell on Thursday after another rise following the results of the regular session on Wednesday. Traders continue to get acquainted with...
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Analytical expert: Jakub Novak

Technical analysis of Apple for June 24, 2022

Apple continues to follow Livermore's Accumulation Cylinder to the letter and we should see Apple continue lower towards support at 113.08 before we should see a temporary consolidation in point...
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Analytical expert: Torben Melsted

US premarket on June 17, 2022

The markets are very likely to finish this week in negative territory, pushed down by the interest rate increase, which will continue in July. The rate hike...
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Analytical expert: Jakub Novak

Technical analysis of Apple for June 14, 2022

Apple continues to follow Livermore's Accumulation Cylinder pattern. We are looking for a drop to support near 113 to complete point 13. After a temporary consolidation, more downside pressure should...
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Analytical expert: Torben Melsted

US premarket on June 13: US stocks see another shock wave

The US stock indices are hitting yearly lows and investors are seriously concerned about it. Recently, they have speculated about market bottoms and returning demand for risky assets. US stock...
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Analytical expert: Jakub Novak

US premarket on June 6, 2022

US stock index futures surged on Monday, as traders took advantage of last week's downward correction. Dow Jones futures gained 261 points or 0.8%, while S&P 500 and Nasdaq...
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Analytical expert: Jakub Novak

US premarket on May 24: pressure on US stock markets returns

Futures on US stock indices have dropped significantly compared to yesterday's closing prices. Apparently, there are not so many investors to buy cheaper assets, even at the current lows...
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Analytical expert: Jakub Novak

Amazon stock returns to pre-pandemic levels

Amazon shares are down markedly from their all-time highs, falling 41%. The latest quarterly report showed a net loss of $3.8 billion. Amazon (AMZN) was considered an 'untouchable' or 'easy'...
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Analytical expert: Pati Gani

Technical analysis Apple for May 19, 2022

Apple continues to push lower as expected and should continue lower towards the 38.2% corrective target at 113.08. As we saw it with Target (see our article just before) there...
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Analytical expert: Torben Melsted