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Technical Analysis of ETH/USD for December 4, 2020

Crypto Industry News: The Libra Association, uniting 27 global corporations, announced yesterday that it has changed its name to Diem. The new name means "day" in Latin. In addition...
iconRelevance until2020-12-05
Analytical expert: Sebastian Seliga

Technical Analysis of ETH/USD for December 3, 2020

Crypto Industry News: Senior Bank of Russia officials spoke out against the issue of private stablecoins linked to the Russian ruble. Sergei Shvetsov, Russia's first deputy chairman of the central...
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Analytical expert: Sebastian Seliga

Technical Analysis of ETH/USD for December 2, 2020

Crypto Industry News: According to the information on the websites, the first part of the new version of ETH based on proof-of-stake (PoS) was launched several hours ago. So officially...
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Analytical expert: Sebastian Seliga

Technical Analysis of ETH/USD for December 1, 2020

Crypto Industry News: Several experts from various European banks agreed that we are even four or five years away from the proof of the digital euro concept. In today's panel...
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Analytical expert: Sebastian Seliga

Technical Analysis of ETH/USD for November 30, 2020

Crypto Industry News: The market capitalization of Tether (USDT), a US dollar-anchored stablecoin, has increased in recent weeks, potentially fueling Bitcoin's recent rise that has pushed prices to near-historic highs...
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Analytical expert: Sebastian Seliga

Technical Analysis of ETH/USD for November 27, 2020

Crypto Industry Outlook: The user complained that PayPal temporarily blocked his account after using it for cryptocurrency day trading. It turns out that PayPal users who use this service...
iconRelevance until2020-11-28
Analytical expert: Sebastian Seliga

Technical Analysis of ETH/USD for November 26, 2020

Crypto Industry Outlook: After failing to obtain SEC approval in 2019, the investment management firm finally gets Bitcoin ETP to market. VanEck spent most of 2019 unsuccessfully lobbying...
iconRelevance until2020-11-27
Analytical expert: Sebastian Seliga

Is Ethereum ready to surge thrice and surpass the level of $ 1440?

Experts say that Ethereum, which is the second largest crypto asset, may surprise the market soon. A lot of crypto-markets' analysts believe that this indicated currency is competent to surpass...
iconRelevance until2020-12-23
Analytical expert: Larisa Kolesnikova

Technical Analysis of ETH/USD for November 25, 2020

Crypto Industry Outlook: The world's first live streaming platform dedicated to cryptocurrencies will be launched in 2021. Ran Neuner, host of the CNBC Crypto Trader program, launched the first media...
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Analytical expert: Sebastian Seliga

What cryptocurrency to buy right now?

Last week, altcoins were more profitable than bitcoins. Bitcoin gained only 14% to $18.600, while Ethereum rose by 31% to $594. The most profitable cryptocurrency was XRP, which skyrocketed...
iconLong-term review
Analytical expert: Kate Walter