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Trading tips for EUR/PLN

On March 4 , we gave a trading idea for a set of sell limits in EUR/PLN. plan: development: H1 chart: The pair completely followed this plan, so now traders...
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Analytical expert: Andrey Shevchenko

Trading tips for EUR/PLN

As expected , EUR/PLN broke through the yearly highs of 2004-2009 and tested the psychological level of 5.0. It is now testing the mirror level, but for those...
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Analytical expert: Andrey Shevchenko

Trading tips for EUR/PLN

EUR/PLN has been increasing since 2008. It gained as much as 17,000 pips and is now trading at 4.9-5.0, its highest price in history. This is a signal to start...
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Analytical expert: Andrey Shevchenko

The IMF is rapidly "repainting": energy remains a sore spot in Europe

Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund Kristalina Georgieva, in her speech at the Georgetown Law School event dedicated to Black History Month on Friday, shared her view...
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Analytical expert: Egor Danilov

Trading tips for EUR/PLN

Looking at EUR/PLN's movement since November 2021, we can see that it dipped by 2,500 pips with small pullbacks, and is now putting pressure on the yearly high. This scenario...
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Analytical expert: Andrey Shevchenko

Eurobonds set records, companies rush to raise cash

Although the market reacted positively to Fed chief Powell's speech today, investors are still diverting funds to safe havens. Eurobonds break records, companies rush to raise cash On January...
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Analytical expert: Egor Danilov

Inflation pressure eases in France, Eurobank promises quick victory

Francois Villeroy de Galhau, a current member of the Board of Governors of the European Central Bank, expressed surprise at the strength of the surge in inflation in the euro...
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Analytical expert: Egor Danilov

EU business growth slowing down in December due to Omicron threat

According to a survey released on Thursday, Eurozone business growth has slowed down more than expected in December due to renewed restrictions aimed at limiting the outbreak of the Omicron...
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Analytical expert: Egor Danilov

Eurozone production rises - economic recovery pushes numbers up

According to the report, eurozone industrial production increased in October - the forecasts of economists came true. At the same time, the largest increase in comparison with the previous month...
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Analytical expert: Egor Danilov

German, Belgian and Spanish inflation hits new record highs

Inflation in Germany rose in November to 6% this month, the highest since 1992. This has made it harder for the European Central Bank to convince consumers that the current...
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Analytical expert: Egor Danilov