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Prospective purchase of Gilead Sciences Inc (GILD) shares

Global disadvantages and risks: Gilead Sciences shares were under the strongest pressure until mid-March of this year. The decrease in the impact of the coronavirus pandemic played a role here...
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Analytical expert: Pati Gani

Stock market trading on December 20

Purchase of Gilead Sciences (#GILD) shares, the US biopharmaceutical company. On the weekly scale chart, the price consolidated above the balance indicator line. It made an attempt to break above...
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Analytical expert: Laurie Bailey

Buying and selling in stock market on October 4

Purchasing shares of International Business Machines Corporation (#IBM), the largest manufacturer of computer components. According to the weekly chart, the price reversed from the support of the Kruzenshtern Indicator line...
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Analytical expert: Laurie Bailey

Buying and selling in the stock market on August 16

Purchase of Gilead Sciences, Inc. shares (#GILD). American biopharmaceutical company. On the weekly chart, the price exited the rising wedge upward. The Marlin Oscillator is turning up and, visually, intends...
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Analytical expert: Laurie Bailey

Buying and Selling in the Stock Market on April 22

Purchase of Gilead Sciences shares (#GILD). Pharmaceutical company. On the daily chart, the price went above the 76.4% Fibonacci level with a simultaneous consolidation above the MACD indicator line. Also...
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Analytical expert: Laurie Bailey

Buying and Selling in the Stock Market on March 22

Purchase of Gilead Sciences (#GILD) shares. Biopharmaceutical company. On the weekly chart, the price went over the balance indicator line after two consecutive reversals from the zero line...
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Analytical expert: Laurie Bailey

#SPX stock markets, trading signals, feast during the plague and the cure for it #GILD

Dear colleagues. What is currently happening on the stock markets gives me a strong sense of deja vu, because we already saw something similar in 2011-2012, only to a much...
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