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US banks raise interest rates on loans, counting on excess profits

The shock of the bear market, inflation and rising interest rates this year for consumers is reflected in huge windfall profits for the world's top banks. Third quarter reporting season...
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Analytical expert: Egor Danilov

US premarket on October 14, 2022

US stock index future trading was calm on Friday after recouping its losses on Thursday. JPMorgan Chase & Co's earning reports largely matched expectations and did not cause panic...
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Analytical expert: Jakub Novak

US premarket on July 15: US stocks close slightly higher

US stock futures rose slightly on Friday as traders expect the release of strong corporate reports and key data that will outline the state of the US economy. Dow Jones...
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Analytical expert: Jakub Novak

US Premarket on July 14: JPMorgan report puts pressure on the US stock market

US stock index futures continued to decline in trading on Thursday after traders assessed the possibility of further even tighter US monetary policy against the backdrop of a hot inflation...
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Analytical expert: Jakub Novak

Bullish setup in JPM stock for week starting June 27th, 2022.

JPM made a new lower low last week around $111.47 but closed the week positive at $117.24. With a bullish reversal hammer on the weekly chart and a new bullish...
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Analytical expert: Alexandros Yfantis

JPM stock price justifies a bounce higher towards $126 at least.

JPM stock price remains in a bearish trend making lower lows and lower highs. So far there is no sign of a bullish reversal. However the RSI in the Daily...
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Analytical expert: Alexandros Yfantis

JPM stock price breaks out of wedge pattern.

In a previous analysis we noted that JPM stock price was forming a bullish wedge pattern and price was expected soon to make an upward break out and reversal. Yesterday...
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Analytical expert: Alexandros Yfantis

JPM stock price forms a bullish wedge pattern.

Technically trend remains bearish in JPM as price continues making lower lows and lower highs. However current price formation gives hopes to bulls that not long from now we will...
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Analytical expert: Alexandros Yfantis

American Premarket for April 13: will the start of the reporting season help the American market

Futures on US stock indices rose on Wednesday after another disastrous day that occurred yesterday against the backdrop of high inflation in the United States, aiming by leaps and bounds...
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Analytical expert: Jakub Novak

American Premarket for April 4: Elon Musk buys 9% of Twitter worth $2.89 billion

The most interesting event on Monday was the news that Elon Musk acquired more than 9% of the total share in the social network Twitter. Against this background, the company's...
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Analytical expert: Jakub Novak