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Asian stocks plunge in early trading on Wednesday

Shares in Asia-Pacific fell during early trading on Wednesday. All major stocks plunged due to a number of reasons. Market participants expect the leading regulators in the region to review...
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Analytical expert: Maria Shablon

Asian stocks edge lower

Stock markets across the Asia-Pacific region edged lower this morning. Major stock indices began a downward trend, but some indicators managed to advance. The downside momentum can be attributed...
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Analytical expert: Maria Shablon

Asia-Pacific stocks' desire to significantly increase positions is still justified

A positive trend is observed on the trading platforms of the Asia-Pacific region on Tuesday morning. Major stock indexes are steadily moving up. However, not all indexes are back...
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Analytical expert: Maria Shablon

Asian stocks rise on positive statistics

Today, the equity markets of the Asia-Pacific region are broadly positive. Most stock indicators are growing, but some of the exchanges are still closed due to the Lunar New Year...
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Analytical expert: Maria Shablon

European and Asian stocks edge lower again

The major stock indices of Japan and Australia skidded in today's Asia-Pacific stocks trade. The exchanges of other countries are closed due to Lunar New Year celebrations. Moreover, China's equity...
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Analytical expert: Maria Shablon

Asian stock markets keep trading in positive territory

This morning, Asia-Pacific stock markets display mostly positive dynamics although with some minor pullbacks. The region's main stock indicators are growing amid renewed hopes for a speedy recovery...
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Analytical expert: Maria Shablon

Asia-Pacific stocks reported a rise with several exceptions

The stock markets of the Asia-Pacific region exhibited growth in all directions on Tuesday. The major stock indexes are increasing their positions following their counterparts from overseas. Recall that...
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Analytical expert: Maria Shablon

Asian stocks soar following rally in US stock market

Stock markets in the Asia-Pacific region surged this morning amid the rapid growth in the US stock market. The main Asian stocks advanced following the rally of the US stocks...
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Analytical expert: Maria Shablon

Asia-Pacific stocks perk up: major indexes are growing well

Asia-Pacific stock exchanges started the current trading week on a positive note. The major stock indexes are growing quite significantly amid reports that AstraZeneca will additionally increase the supply...
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Analytical expert: Maria Shablon

European and Asian stocks continue to cut positions

Stock markets in the Asia-Pacific region are showing negative dynamics on Friday. The reason for the negative was the aggravating problem with the increasing number of COVID-19 infections...
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Analytical expert: Maria Shablon