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JPYUSD: Is the era of ultra-low rates coming to an end?

The markets are deluded in the mad hope that there is a possibility of adjusting the bank's policy on controlling the yield curve (YCC) in the future. The reason...
iconRelevance until2022-11-30
Analytical expert: Egor Danilov

Inflation has put the Fed on the shoulder blades... but not the Bank of Japan. The yen's X-factor that no one takes into account

Judging by the latest speech by representatives of the Federal Reserve, it seems that they are ready to forget about their high-profile goals to destroy unemployment in order to keep...
iconRelevance until2022-07-19
Analytical expert: Egor Danilov

Daily Video Analysis: NZDJPY, H1 Bullish Breakout Opporunity

Today we take a look at NZDJPY. Combining advanced technical analysis methods such as Fibonacci confluence, correlation, market structure, oscillators and demand/supply zones, we identify high probability trading setups...
iconRelevance until2022-06-18
Analytical expert: Dean Leo

Japanese manufacturers are interested in a strong yen

Not so long ago, Japanese manufacturers were interested in the lowest possible price, because in this way they could sell cars and equipment abroad cheaper, getting a higher profit after...
iconRelevance until2022-04-26
Analytical expert: Egor Danilov

Japan's trade deficit jumps to 8-year high as commodity imports soar

In February, Japan reported its biggest single-month trade deficit in eight years. High energy prices boosted imports and manufacturers struggled with global supply constraints, leading to a drop...
iconRelevance until2022-03-03
Analytical expert: Egor Danilov

NZDJPY facing bullish pressure, potential for more upside!

Price has broken out of the symmetrical triangle and is above 1st support at 81.799 in line with 38.2% Fibonacci retracement and 61.8% Fibonacci extension. Price could potentially bullish from...
iconRelevance until2021-11-03
Analytical expert: Dean Leo

Dollar will rise this session, but is the news from the US so good? Citi is also pessimistic

Consumer confidence in the US increased in October. This came as a surprise to economists, who set the bar at 108.3 points. We were also pleased with the news from...
iconRelevance until2021-11-23
Analytical expert: Egor Danilov

NZDJPY facing bearish pressure, drop incoming!

NZDJPY is holding below 1st resistance at 77.732 in line with 61.8% Fibonacci retracement and 61.8% Fibonacci extension and may bearish towards 1st support at 76.780 in line 61.8 Fibonacci...
iconRelevance until2021-09-30
Analytical expert: Dean Leo

NZDJPY facing bearish pressure, drop incoming!

Price is facing bearish pressure as it holds under the descending trendline resistance and 1st resistance at 77.330 in line with 38.2% Fibonacci retracement and 23.6% Fibonacci extension. Price...
iconRelevance until2021-09-23
Analytical expert: Dean Leo

NZDJPY facing bearish pressure, potential downside!

NZDJPY is approaching the upper resistance of the price channel in line with the horizontal swing high support, 161.8% Fibonacci retracement and the 61.8% Fibonacci extension . Price is likely...
iconRelevance until2021-08-06
Analytical expert: Dean Leo