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Speculations about FTX former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried buying Twitter stock

While the US stock market is closed on Thanksgiving Day, Tesla CEO and Twitter executive Elon Musk claimed that Sam Bankman-Friede, the former CEO of bankrupt crypto exchange...
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Analytical expert: Jakub Novak

Elon Musk continues to clean up Twitter 2.0

In the meantime, the markets are digesting the active growth of retail sales in the United States in October this year, which is likely to spur inflation...
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Analytical expert: Jakub Novak

The main thing is to stand firm

Federal Reserve officials continue to repeat like a mantra that they do not plan to cut interest rates next year, while traders continue to doubt this. On Wednesday, futures showed...
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Analytical expert: Jakub Novak

Elon Musk decided to buy Twitter again

US stock indices are showing a correction, which results in a sell-off of shares of key market players. At the beginning of trading in New York, Twitter shares...
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Analytical expert: Jakub Novak

Investors fleeing stocks amid signs of recession

While markets are waiting to see how inflation will affect the US economy and the actions of Fed's policymakers, investors are fleeing stocks amid signs of a recession, with stock...
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Analytical expert: Jakub Novak

Goldman Sachs believes it is time to invest in commodities

Global investment bank Goldman Sachs urged investors to buy both commodity stocks and futures and worry about a recession later. The company's analysts believe commodities are the best assets...
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Analytical expert: Jakub Novak

US Premarket for August 10: the US stock market is recovering ahead of key inflation data

US stock index futures are gradually recovering ahead of the release of US inflation data, which will shape investors' expectations for a further increase in interest rates by the Federal...
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Analytical expert: Jakub Novak

American premarket on July 13: Twitter sues Elon Musk, and traders are waiting for data on inflation in the United States

After another close in the red following Tuesday's trading results, futures on US stock indices rose slightly on Wednesday, as investors focused on the key report on inflation...
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Analytical expert: Jakub Novak

US premarket on July 11: Investors take profits before US inflation data

US stock index futures fell sharply on Monday as Wall Street braces for big companies' earnings reports. Dow Jones Industrial Average futures were down 104 points, or 0.33%. S&P...
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Analytical expert: Jakub Novak

American premarket for May 16: cheaper shares of technology companies arouse interest among investors

Given the history of bear markets, coupled with the fact that the Fed has just started a rate hike cycle and will continue to follow it for quite some time...
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Analytical expert: Jakub Novak