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Stock Europe marked growth amid Biden's inauguration

Europe stock exchanges recorded a positive trend on Wednesday morning. The major stock indices exhibited growth, while the attention of market participants is directed to political events in the United...
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Analytical expert: Maria Shablon

Europe and Asian stocks sank with the exception of China which recorded economic growth

The stock markets of the Asia-Pacific region traded in a negative trend on Monday morning, with the exceptions of China and Hong Kong, which reported growth amid recent positive economic...
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Analytical expert: Maria Shablon

The stock markets of America and Europe are calm: indicators are growing with rare exceptions

At the close of yesterday's trading session, a multidirectional movement of the main exchange indicators was recorded on the stock markets of the United States of America. While the S&P500...
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Analytical expert: Maria Shablon

Negative recedes on the US stock market, while Europe suffered losses

United States stock exchanges close Tuesday's trading session with a rather restrained upward movement. The major stock indexes climbed after a slight decline was recorded on the previous day. Most...
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Analytical expert: Maria Shablon

Uncertainty reigns on European and Asian markets

Almost no significant movements were recorded in the Asia-Pacific stock exchanges on Tuesday. The dynamics of changes in the major stock indexes are extremely weak. Markets are still heavily affected...
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Analytical expert: Maria Shablon

US and European stocks showed optimism at the beginning of the year

US stock exchanges exhibited an unprecedented rise on the last day of the first working week of the year 2021. The major stock indexes were able to jump to their...
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Analytical expert: Maria Shablon

Stocks in the US began to retreat, while Europe went multidirectional on the eve of the holidays

The US stock exchanges underwent a contraction on Tuesday. The major stock indexes showed a pullback from their historical maximum values, which they managed to reach the day before...
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Analytical expert: Maria Shablon

Stock markets grew ahead of the holidays

US stock indices rose on Thursday, which raised hopes for a positive future. Today, markets are closed due to the Christmas holiday, but traders are still closely monitoring the situation...
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Analytical expert: Maria Shablon

Stocks in Europe and Asia are rising, but the pace is declining amid the holidays

The major stock indexes in the European stock exchanges climbed on Wednesday amid news that there are hopes for a positive outcome of the negotiation process between...
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Analytical expert: Maria Shablon

Asian stock indices sharply declined, while the European ones recorded growth

The decline on the Asia-Pacific's stock markets continued this morning, which began the day before amid news regarding the appearance of a new, more dangerous, and strongly spreading strain...
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Analytical expert: Maria Shablon