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European stock market climbs higher even amid existing problems

In the early session, the European stock exchange was trading mostly in positive territory although some indexes did not follow the trend. The market optimism was fueled by the speech...
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Analytical expert: Maria Shablon

Europe's stock exchanges show positive dynamic

Early today, European stock markets showed positive dynamic. The main stock indices rose significantly, whereas German DAX failed to reach its new high. Such a positive reaction of most market...
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Analytical expert: Maria Shablon

European and Asian stocks edge lower again

The major stock indices of Japan and Australia skidded in today's Asia-Pacific stocks trade. The exchanges of other countries are closed due to Lunar New Year celebrations. Moreover, China's equity...
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Analytical expert: Maria Shablon

European and Asian stocks continue to cut positions

Stock markets in the Asia-Pacific region are showing negative dynamics on Friday. The reason for the negative was the aggravating problem with the increasing number of COVID-19 infections...
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Analytical expert: Maria Shablon

Asia-Pacific stocks mixed, while European stocks faced a lull

The major stock indices in the Asia-Pacific stock exchanges were mixed Wednesday morning, but it cannot be called too rapid. Investors prefer to slow down their active work...
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Analytical expert: Maria Shablon

Stock Europe marked growth amid Biden's inauguration

Europe stock exchanges recorded a positive trend on Wednesday morning. The major stock indices exhibited growth, while the attention of market participants is directed to political events in the United...
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Analytical expert: Maria Shablon

Europe and Asian stocks sank with the exception of China which recorded economic growth

The stock markets of the Asia-Pacific region traded in a negative trend on Monday morning, with the exceptions of China and Hong Kong, which reported growth amid recent positive economic...
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Analytical expert: Maria Shablon

The stock markets of America and Europe are calm: indicators are growing with rare exceptions

At the close of yesterday's trading session, a multidirectional movement of the main exchange indicators was recorded on the stock markets of the United States of America. While the S&P500...
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Analytical expert: Maria Shablon

Negative recedes on the US stock market, while Europe suffered losses

United States stock exchanges close Tuesday's trading session with a rather restrained upward movement. The major stock indexes climbed after a slight decline was recorded on the previous day. Most...
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Analytical expert: Maria Shablon

Uncertainty reigns on European and Asian markets

Almost no significant movements were recorded in the Asia-Pacific stock exchanges on Tuesday. The dynamics of changes in the major stock indexes are extremely weak. Markets are still heavily affected...
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Analytical expert: Maria Shablon