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Trading plan for Litecoin on June 24, 2022

Litecoin climbed to the $57.00 intraday high on Friday, after finding support close to $52.00 on Thursday. The crypto might have carved a bottom at around $40.00 or is very...
iconRelevance until2022-07-22
Analytical expert: Oscar Ton

Litecoin looks to trade higher

LTC/USD is moving somehow sideways in the short term. It was trading at 54.33 level at the time of writing and it seems determined to resume its growth. Still...
iconRelevance until2022-06-24
Analytical expert: Ralph Shedler

Trading plan for Litecoin on June 23, 2022

Litecoin climbed to the $55.00 high intraday on Thursday after finding some support around $50.00 on Wednesday. The crypto is seen to be trading around $54.00 at this point...
iconRelevance until2022-07-21
Analytical expert: Oscar Ton

Litecoin challenges major wedge pattern resistance.

In our previous analysis we noted the downward sloping wedge pattern that has formed in the Litecoin Daily chart and its similarities to the May 2021 wedge pattern and break...
iconRelevance until2022-06-24
Analytical expert: Alexandros Yfantis

Will Litecoin repeat the past bullish break out?

Litecoin remains in a bearish trend making lower lows and lower highs. Price is showing a similarity to the pattern it followed one year ago. In both cases...
iconRelevance until2022-06-19
Analytical expert: Alexandros Yfantis

Litecoin: bearish bias intact

Litecoin was trading at 46.10 at the time of writing. It has changed little in the short term as BTC/USD is moving sideways. The bias remains bearish, so LTC/USD could...
iconRelevance until2022-06-18
Analytical expert: Ralph Shedler

Litecoin remains trapped sideways

Litecoin is dropping on the H4 chart at the time of writing as the price of Bitcoin dropped again after reaching a new high of 32,375. Technically, LTC/USD maintains...
iconRelevance until2022-06-01
Analytical expert: Ralph Shedler

Litecoin heading towards 52.00 key level

Litecoin is trading in the red at 61.38 at the time of writing. The price action signaled more declines after taking out the 64.06 key support. In the short term...
iconRelevance until2022-05-28
Analytical expert: Ralph Shedler

Litecoin: upside invalidated, deeper drop expected

Litecoin drops at the time of writing as the BTC/USD slipped lower. As you already know, when the price of Bitcoin drops, the altcoin could drop as well. Technically...
iconRelevance until2022-05-25
Analytical expert: Ralph Shedler

Litecoin vulnerable to drop deeper

Litecoin increased a little in the short term as BTC/USD is struggling to rebound. In the short term, LTC/USD is trading sideways. So, personally, I'll wait for the price...
iconRelevance until2022-05-20
Analytical expert: Ralph Shedler