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Goldman Sachs Group predicts a fall in the US stock market by another 25%

While the US stock market is gradually cooling down from the rally observed last week, strategists from Goldman Sachs Group Inc. believe that the conditions for stopping the fall...
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Analytical expert: Jakub Novak

US real estate market data confirm problems in American economy

It seems that the US stock market rally is coming to a close amid the ongoing earnings season. Housing starts in the US have decreased by 8%, indicating that...
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Analytical expert: Jakub Novak

American Premarket for July 20: Netflix and Biogen report. Stock indices stopped near monthly highs

After yesterday's bullish rally and the update of weekly highs, US stock index futures are trading slightly lower today as traders continue to study corporate reports in a busy reporting...
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Analytical expert: Jakub Novak

US premarket on April 20, 2022

US stock index futures increased on Wednesday, ignoring the slump of Netflix's stocks and several other disappointing earnings reports by other companies. Dow Jones Industrial Average futures increased...
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Analytical expert: Jakub Novak

NFLX downside potential limited.

NFLX has reached oversold levels on a weekly basis. At current levels I believe the downside potential is limited. I prefer to be neutral as a strong bounce higher could...
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Analytical expert: Alexandros Yfantis

NFLX stock price remains inside the bearish channel.

NFLX stock price bounced towards $455 after the $351 low on January 24th. However as we said in our previous analysis on NFLX at the beginning of February, price remains...
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Analytical expert: Alexandros Yfantis

Disney is catching up with Netflix. What is the future of streaming?

A boost in Disney+ subscribers over the last quarter helped Walt Disney Co come close to that of Netflix Inc. However experts are worried about the future of streaming...
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Analytical expert: Anastasia Miller

Is NFLX bounce over?

Last week NFLX was on the spot light for all the wrong reasons. Price plummeted towards $350 while two months ago it was trading around $650-$700. In previous posts...
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Analytical expert: Alexandros Yfantis

Meta declines dragging IT sector down

Shares of Meta (#FB) fell by 20% in the US premarket on Thursday after the social media giant released its views accusing Apple of making privacy changes and increasing competition...
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Analytical expert: Egor Danilov

US premarket on January 27: Time to buy cheap US stocks

US stock index futures declined in early trading on Thursday, but then returned to the upside gradually recovering from yesterday's sell-off. While the Federal Reserve's updates did not come...
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Analytical expert: Jakub Novak