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Stock market to come under bearish pressure soon?

A series of events this week could become market movers for the US stocks so that investors could revise their sentiment. I mean corporate earnings reports of top US companies...
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#SPX stock markets, trading signals, feast during the plague and the cure for it #GILD

Dear colleagues. What is currently happening on the stock markets gives me a strong sense of deja vu, because we already saw something similar in 2011-2012, only to a much...
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EUR/USD and S&P 500: Risky assets (euro and pound), as well as the US stock market, rose

Although risky assets, particularly euro and pound, and the US stock market grew, negativity still looms in the market. Yesterday, the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco said that...
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Analytical expert: Jakub Novak

Financial markets and indices #SPX, #DAX amid the coronavirus pandemic COVID-19

Dear colleagues. There is no pause in the outpour of shocking scenarios, and Donald Trump has once again managed to surprise the public. According to the calculations of White House...
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How to make money on fear - what does the #SPX stock market crash teach us?

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday can rightfully be called rainy days for global financial markets. In particular, traders and investors who had never encountered anything like it before, as a result...
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Close to an inflection point in financial markets?

Good morning all, This is one of the dozen of charts that pass under my eyes every day: it's not more relevant than many others, simply it happened that...
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Trader Morning Coffee 28/11_what you need to know

Good morning all, Yesterday we got to know quite strong US economic data. Indeed, US GDP y/y and durable goods orders were better than expected. However, the market gave...
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DAX 27_11 still playing the range! (and Spread idea)

I've already talked about the staggering DAX rally during last months. November has been a range-bound month for the Index which has established clear support and resistance levels...
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Spread Trading on US and EU Indices

After having seen the different performances among some US and EU indices, let's see it on a chart and briefly introduce a very important concept in trading: spread (or pairs)...
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Long-term VIX and EUR/USD Implied Volatility

It's a strange time for starting a trading related to posting activity: VOLATILITY – the measure of deviations from the mean expected value - is incredibly low across asset classes...
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