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USD/MXN Currency Pair Intraday Price Movement Technical Analysis Wednesday November 30, 2022.

With price movements moving below the Moving Average of the 100 period and the CCI indicator still moving in the range of 0 to -100 levels on the 4-hour chart...
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Analytical expert: Arief Makmur

The Fed is short of liquidity - who will be sacrificed?

The balance sheet of the US Federal Reserve is continuously declining. This exacerbates low liquidity and high volatility in the $20 trillion US Treasury bond market. Economists are now wondering...
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Analytical expert: Egor Danilov

Traders are losing their heads over good inflation news

More recently, the US government has reported a good achievement in the fight against inflation. The latter fell by 0.6% from the June level, which was a pleasant surprise...
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Analytical expert: Egor Danilov

The dollar is not suitable for investors as a safe haven - not anymore

In this turbulent year, bulls have little choice. The brighter the US currency broke out into favorites, putting both the euro, the pound, and the yen on the shoulder blades...
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Analytical expert: Egor Danilov

Trading plan for USDMXN on June 29, 2022

USDMXN climbed above the 20.16 high during the New York session on Tuesday, falling in line with our discussions and earlier forecast. The currency pair has completed a bullish Morning...
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Analytical expert: Oscar Ton

Trading plan for USDMXN on June 28, 2022

USDMXN has hit its downside targets at around 19.80-90 last week. Prices have remained subdued since then as bulls prepare to come back in control soon. The currency pair...
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Analytical expert: Oscar Ton

Trading plan for USDMXN on June 27, 2022

USDMXN has achieved its projected downward target towards the 19.80-90 zone. It was discussed and projected to watch out for a decline towards 19.80 before the rally could resume...
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Analytical expert: Oscar Ton

Trading plan for USDMXN on June 24, 2022

USDMXN continues to slide towards the 19.80-90 zone as we're entering the New York session on Friday. The price action has been in line with projections made earlier this week...
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Analytical expert: Oscar Ton

Trading plan for USDMXN on June 23, 2022

Technical outlook: USDMXN slipped further through 20.00 intraday on Thursday, barely testing Wednesday lows carved below 20.00. The currency is moving in line with near-term projections up to the 19.80-90...
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Analytical expert: Oscar Ton

Trading plan for USDMXN on June 22, 2022

USDMXN is trading close to the Asian session's highs around 20.22 on Wednesday after printing lows at 20.11 on Tuesday. The drop from the 20.70 high registered last week looks...
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Analytical expert: Oscar Ton