FX.co ★ Advertising on the FX.co international Forex Portal

Web Online Media Limited invites the brokerage and financial companies all over the world to embed the advertising materials in FX.co, the resource for professional traders. Our advertisers are corporate customers only providing financial or consulting services.

FX.co portal services

The target audience of the FX.co information portal is people using different services of FX.co:
  • charge-free email @FX.co
  • news and latest analytics
  • Forex TV
  • Forex statistics
  • accounts monitoring
  • FX.co forum for trader

FX.co portal audience

The audience of the FX.co resource is people who are interested in trading, investments into arranged and unorganized financial markets in real-time mode. The absolute majority of the FX.co portal audience is somehow connected with online trading on financial markets.

The schematic illustration of the portal audience can be done as follows:

FX.co resource audience

Potential traders

Potential traders are people who study Forex-related issues but have not become the customers of a particular brokerage companies yet. This audience is also attractive from the viewpoint of two factors. First, these people have not found their broker. This means that the advertising information on the portal can influence their choice. Moreover, as a rule, this audience represents educated and affluent people, for whom the detailed study of trading process before opening a real account with the broker is a priority.

Forex traders

This category of the FX.co portal visitors includes people who are the current clients of Forex brokerage companies. This is the most active audience of the portal, making use of the major part of the portal services and which is the target audience for mass advertisers.

Participants of financial networking communities

These are the participants of various Forex-related forums, who are not the existing clients of brokerage companies, but also not the newbies. As a rule, they are the former clients of Forex companies, who had an unsuccessful experience and stopped trading for a while. Having stopped trading, they do not cease to communicate on forums - on the contrary, they are the most active participants. This is the particular group of people who create public opinion using their experience and knowledge. In spite of the current trading inactivity, the significant part of this audience sticks to traders communities aiming to renew their trading activity after a while. For reasons given above, the status advertising is the most effective in relation to this audience. It allows the company to become more popular on forums where the portal visitors communication results in making uninvolved participants potential customers when they return to their trading.

Occasional internet users

As a rule, they visit the portal following external links or using search engines.

Web masters

Web masters are the holders of their own blogs, sites or projects generally related to financial theme who use the information services of the FX.co portal, such as quotations informers, statistics informers, news informers. This audience is more attractive from the viewpoint of the opportunity of taking part in partnership and representative programs of financial companies. Having seen the advertising on the portal, services of which they are using, a web master may make a decision on starting work with the broker as a partner or a representative.

Financial companies management and staff

Providing a high-grade and timely information about Forex trading, the FX.co portal attracts attention of significant number of brokerage companies staff. These people are not the potential clients of brokerage companies but they can be the target audience in the process of events and actions advertising, organized with the help of brokerage companies.

Advertising packages and pricing on the FX.co portal

For the deepest and the most high-grade satisfaction of advertisers needs, we have worked out a set of various advertising packages, including the total number of locations and dates of posting an advertisement on the FX.co portal.

TitleTitle sponsor"Extended" package"Status" package"Medium" package"Promotion" package
Upper end to end banner+----
End to end banners 200*60++---
TV page, center 468*60+++--
News page, 120*60++++-
Monitoring, 600*15+++++
Mail boxes sponsor***free$100/Box$100/Box$100/Box$100/Box
Participation in monitoring+++++

*** The sponsorship of mailboxes means that for getting the mailbox @FX.co, the portal users need to confirm they have an account with one of the companies that are the sponsors of the mailboxes @FX.co. The account should be deposited with at least $500. For each obtained mailbox, the company whose account was identified for getting the box pays $100.

Packages and locations pricingOne monthOne quarterSix monthsOne year
Title sponsor$50,000$130,000$250,000$450,000
"Extended" package$30,000$80,000$150,000$280,000
"Status" package$20,000$50,000$80,000$150,000
"Medium" package$12,000$30,000$60,000$120,000
"Promotion" package$8,000$20,000$40,000$80,000
Upper end to end banner$35,000$70,000$140,000$420,000
End to end banners 200*60$15,000$27,000$50,000$90,000
TV page, center 468*60$8,000$15,000$28,000$55,000

Requirements for advertisers

The advertiser should be connected with the financial field, such as a broker, dealer or capital investment project. The advertiser should have a positive reputation and meet the condition "fit and proper" in financial sphere. Every advertising broker should provide its services through the MetaTrader trading platform.

The portal FX.co reserves the right to reject any advertisement, if one of the conditions is violated according to the administration of the portal.