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Interlock's - Trading journal

Greetings and good morning to all of my respected forum mates and regular visitors from different places around the world. Hopefully, everyone is fine and enjoying your trading throughout this...
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Hello everyone In today's post, we will update some of the pairs that have reached stages where we need to take an update so that we can track their movement...
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Shantiman Trading Journal

Today fundamental events Good morning my all valued traders, How are you all I hope everyone fine just a moment, I saw today macroeconomic calendar where I saw today early...
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Greetings and Good Morning Yesterday got my withdraw in skrill account within working hours then take not take any order but for today moving prices of the major pairs will...
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BlackDollar's - Trading journal

Today update 15. 04. 2021 Hello, everyone! I hope you are all good and making some profit. I’m stuck in trades, both are running in huge losses. Hopefully, I will manage them...
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Jaxson Trading Journal¹

GBPUSD Bullish Potential When US Bond Yields Are Not Attractive (Update: 15/04/2021) If detailed through the price movement on the H4 time frame, this GBPUSD potential, because it has been...
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Greetings and good morning to all mates, visitors, and pioneers of the forum. Hopefully, you all will be fine and doing well in trading. The US Dollar Index was little...
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Hi, Friends Greetings to Everyone yesterday index market will be testing the new support zone and the major key pairs will hit the top resistance zone where the buyers will...
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USD-CHF ANALYSIS USD-CHF pair was experiencing a bullish bias on support area at 0. 91870 , at this support level we can see that on the daily time frame there...
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JOURNAL UPDATE ON 14TH OF APRIL, 2021 Hello, all. Greetings to you, dear dealers, readers, visitors and forum members. I always want to respect all forum members and I don't...
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