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Bloomberg’s top 5 emerging markets

According to a Bloomberg study of developing markets, some countries showed a relatively good performance last year. This means that these economies may well be included in the ranking of developed countries in the near future. Based on 11 indicators of economic and financial performance, 17 developing markets are set to mitigate the damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic almost immediately. Thus, 2021 could open up doors to a brighter future for them.

Bloomberg’s top 5 emerging markets


Lockdown index: 8.4

2020 current account to GDP: 3.1%

2021 GDP growth: 3.9%

Thailand is the second-largest economy in Southeast Asia after Indonesia. The country has a well-developed infrastructure and export-oriented manufacturing industry. Thailand’s export accounts for more than two-thirds of its gross domestic product. The country mainly exports electronics, agricultural products, cars, and processed food. The main agricultural products imported from Thailand include rice, sugar, rubber, coconuts, palm oil, corn, vegetables, and fruit. Tourism is another important source of the country’s income. Last year, it sank significantly due to quarantine restrictions for visitors.

Bloomberg’s top 5 emerging markets


Lockdown index: 25.2

2020 current account to GDP: 1.9%

2021 GDP growth: 3%

The Russian Federation has a transition economy that is driven by its service sector and industrial manufacturing. Apart from that, Russia is one of the leading oil suppliers in the global market. Meanwhile, its agricultural sector is shrinking every year. Notably, the share of raw materials in Russia’s manufacturing industry is increasing.

Bloomberg’s top 5 emerging markets

South Korea

Lockdown index: 10.9

2020 current account to GDP: 3.4%

2021 GDP growth: 3.2%

South Korea is a highly developed industrial and agricultural country. Its industrial sector has grown rapidly over the past decade and shows great performance. South Korea is one of the largest exporters of vessels, electronics, and cars.

Bloomberg’s top 5 emerging markets


Lockdown index: 2.2

2020 current account to GDP: 11.3%

2021 GDP growth: 3.4%

Taiwan has a dynamic capitalist economy. Recently, many of its state-owned banks and large industrial enterprises have been privatized. Initially, Taiwan’s economy was based on agriculture. However, it has recently been overtaken by the quickly developing industrial manufacturing. As a result, the country’s total exports increased significantly.

Bloomberg’s top 5 emerging markets


Lockdown index: 49.2

2020 current account to GDP: 3%

2021 GDP growth: 6.8%

Malaysia is one of the newly industrialized countries in terms of the main economic indicators. The service sector accounts for 52.4% of the country’s GDP. Among its rapidly developing sectors are financial services, real estate, wholesale and retail trade, communication technologies, and government services.

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